Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, A New Year

Davis and I brought in the New Year at Triple Door with Freddo and Lindsay. Carly was also able to drop by and have a drink with us before celebrating the New Years at home with her roommates. She left for London this morning to study abroad for 3 months so it was a must to see her before she left! We always have a great time with friends and I was very excited that we were able to celebrate this New Years with them! Last New Years not only did we not have any friends in town to celebrate with, but we were sick as dogs and it was TERRIBLE! Thank goodness for being healthy this year!

Sitting at Triple Door last night we all made our New Years Resolution. Well most of us made resolutions (I think I made Davis's for him because he is one of those people that never expects anything so that he can't be let down soooo needless to say he doesn't do resolutions). My resolution is to try new things and laugh more. Davis's resolution is to be together more (a little inside joke), but pretty much to be more emotional.
my loves on New Years Eve
us with Lindsay and Freddo
my 1st kiss in 2010
cheers to a New Year
me and my beautiful friend, Carly
dogs 1st picture in 2010
in the elevator
me and my gorgeous hubby

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good pics, scooter