Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rock n Rally

This week and last week have been WORK WORK WORK!!  Literally we have been working 14 hour days and Sunday.  It's been rough to say the least.  However, on Monday we had a semi-play day that involved rally cars at dirtfish.  This was soooo much fun, I secretly wish I worked there and/or was a race car driver.  I was the only person in the company to drive off the track, have my instructor pull the hand brake, and have to use reverse to get myself back on the track....oops, it wasn't on purpose ;)

The track had their own photographer which was awesome so I should have some great shots of me throwing dirt all over the place soon!!  I was born to throw dirt and drive fast, it just comes naturally.

After getting dirty, we went back to the Ireland's for BBQ, drinks, and socializing.  We had a great time, but we had to work the next morning and therefore I am exhausted...what a draining week!  However, at this point we have a day and a half left before we get to relax in Scottsdale for the weekend...ah, I can feel the sun already.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's the best weekend of the year in Seattle, it's when everyone wants to be on a boat, it's when the blue angels soar against the Seattle skyline, it's SEAFAIR and we LOVE it!!

This year we rented a 38' SeaRay for the weekend, it was a gorgeous boat!

We headed out around noon and picked up friends along the way...I was a bit paranoid about the boat not being we used this zodiac
Friday evening we enjoyed food and games on Lake Washington.  We then spent the night on the boat at the dock because it is illegal to anchor in 99% of Lake Washington.

Saturday morning we hit the water again, picked up friends, and started our day.  It was a crazy day as it was last year and as it probably is every year.

Once we were in all the chaos of what is 'Seafair', we lost the awareness that is needed by all boat owners as did the boat owners of the boat we hit.  Yes, we struck another boat.  It wasn't that bad although it sounded as if we needed to start yelling "Mayday!"  In the process of getting too close to the other boat, I decided to power on our engines and get us out of the situation....this didn't work out too well as we had a float in the water connected to our boat by what other than rope....and this rope immediately was sucked under the boat and wrapped around our propeller.  Now, we are sitting ducks.  We don't have engines to move about the massive amount of boats and the wind is pushing us downstream at a rather fast speed.

This means we are now yelling at the next boat, trying to get their attention to let them know that we ARE going to HIT them.  They cannot hear us, nor do they see us coming so Russ jumps off our boat and swims to their boat to warn them of what's coming.  They get their dock hooks and we have ours and we avoid collision by pushing against each other until the wind finally carries us past their boat.

Luckily, they had goggles because of course we didn't (we were out for a day of sun and fabulous), not swimming in the freezing water and pulling rope from a propeller.

Russ and Davis save the day by pulling the rope off our propeller mean while I am on the phone with vessel assist and trying to lower our anchor!!  Yes, this all happen in 20 minutes of complete chaos and I NEVER want to repeat it!!

Oh yeah, and the police were involved.  But that only makes the story longer so I will leave that to your imagination.

After those crazy 20 minutes, we maneuvered through the tangled web of boats to a bigger spot so we could enjoy the blue angels flying without worrying about hitting everyone else on the water.

This is what the day looked like in a picture story....there are no pictures of the 'crazy 20'

 Luckily this was not the boat we hit :)  This boat's name was THOR
 Jet pack man, I so want to play with one of these!

Thanks for reading and Happy Seafair!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mom and Greg take on Seattle

Mom and Greg made a quick trip to Seattle a couple weeks ago and we had sooo much fun!  It was a whirlwind of a trip, as I keep them busy because there is just so much to see and do!!  I am sorry guys that I don't allow any time for rest, hopefully you weren't too exhausted :)

We had a girls night, ate, had ice cream, enjoyed the view from Kerry park, walked, went to the Goodwill opening, walked, went sailing, had our emissions tested, went to a Mariner's game, walked, went to Greenlake, shot some hoops, walked, and ate!!   I had so much fun and miss them being around.

Did I mention that we walked??

 Kerry Park

 Having our emissions tested...long story but Greg got in trouble by the cops for having expired tags.  Apparently Davis knew that we needed new tags but hadn't had time to get our emissions tested so we did that while Mom & Greg were visiting :)  Glad you guys were able to experience this!
YAY, we are legal!!

After winning!

I was too busy enjoying our time together to take pictures so this is all you get, luckily I snapped a few with my phone :)

Thanks for coming to see us!  We loved having you and wished you were able to visit more often!