Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vivian Singing

Vivian is getting smarter by the day and growing like a weed....
Here are 2 videos of her singing.


Old McDonald

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time with Tot

This past week/weekend I was in Phoenix spending girl time with my college roommate and best friend (or at least one of my best friends)! It was a great time, but really Tot and I could be in the worst place ever with nothing to do and still have a blast.....I guess that's what best friends do.

I flew down there Wednesday night and returned yesterday so it was a nice long break from chilly/rainy weather. It was nice there, still shorts weather which still blows my mind because it is October!!

Day 1:
Tosha decided to take me hiking (not only did she decide to take me hiking but she chose Camelback mountain to hike). This probably doesn't mean much to most of you so I will just let you know that on our way up the mountain a guy passing us on his way down says and I quote "Almost there, this is the hardest one". The "almost there" part didn't phase me because I felt like Tosha had been telling me that for the last 30 minutes! The "this is the hardest one" kinda had an impact considering I am in no hiking shape, but we did indeed finally make it to the top. Just for reference Camelback is an ascend of 1,280 feet in a little over a mile (which means it is STEEP).
Camelback Mtn from the street
a very tall Cactus
on the way up....downtown Phoenix in the distance
we are about to climb this
at the top...yay!
a beautiful golf course
on the way down

Day 2: We drove to the top of South Mtn which looks across the city to Camelback
view of downtown
top of South Mtn

Day 3: GAME reliving our college past, of course we had to celebrate and cheer on the Vols! It was a great game in that we almost beat Alabama #2, but we did lose in the end.
Our attempt to dress like our favorite college mascot, Smokey
Tosha being Smokey
taking a shot right before we lose, everyone is crossing their fingers for the fieldgoal
after the game, we carved pumpkins and these are the outcomes (I think we did a job well done)

Thanks Tot for a great weekend! I love you and I am talking to UW about B May's acceptance! Also, thank you Davis for encouraging me to go (you always seem to know when I need it)!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our New Home

This is our new home! Our unit was actually a modeled unit so these pictures have furniture in them. I don't really like these pictures and I still do not have any pictures of our view, but soon enough we will be moved in and I will post some great pictures! My sister also took some pictures while she was here so I will get those from her and post them.


the bathroom
the bedroom
living area
desk space

Hopefully one day soon it will NOT be so white!

Girls Weekend

Mom, Mandy, and I had a wonderful girls weekend in Seattle this past weekend! They flew in on Thursday around 2pm and left this morning :( We had a fun fulfilled weekend and I can't wait for the next one!

On Thursday we went to Green Lake and had a picnic. Then we strolled around Wallingford indulging on Trophy cupcakes and kid thrift stores. We had dinner at our apartment and then headed out for an improv comedy show in Post Alley.

picking up at airport
my C on the gum wall and mom's messed up W to the bottom left (looks more like an O)
after the improv show with the Post Alley sign behind us

Friday - We enjoyed coffee and baked goods at Le Panier, a French bakery. We then took mom to Talbots to spend her giftcards that her wonderful husband had given her for her anniversary and birthday.....we bought some wonderfully gorgeous outfits (Thanks Greg!) We had some lunch at Virginia Inn and then headed to Belltown for massages at Spa Noir! They were wonderful and much appreciated! After massages we went to the public library and then to Palomino's for happy hour. I love Palomino's gorgonzola fries, crab artichoke dip, and $5 pizzas...yum!
leaving Palomino's
how many margs did you have?

Saturday - We took a food tour of Pike Place market, prepped for mom's birthday dinner, and then shopped a little bit before heading back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. Our friends Carly and Freddo came over for mom's birthday dinner. We celebrated with wild mushroom lasagna, peanut butter cake, games, and chit-chat! It was a great night! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Mom!

Mandy modeling the ear piece for the tour
about to start our food tour
our tour guide
fish market....crayfish in the tour guides bag
wild mushroom lasagna

Sunday - We visited with Viv, took mom and Mandy on a tour of Seattle, and then to Beth's to eat lunch. I don't think they could handle the ungodly amounts of food at Beth's, but they tried! After lunch we crashed at the apartment and watched 4 movies!!!! I don't think I have ever watched or slept thru 4 movies in 1 day!

They left this morning and it was sad, but if we didn't live apart we wouldn't have these fun fulfilled weekends that leaving you craving sleep!!!

I love you both and I hope you had a wonderful time! I miss you like crazy! Thank you so much for coming. These are times that we will never forget!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Greg! Thanks Greg for letting her come on such a HUGE weekend! Next time you have to come too!

Mandy - send me your pictures please!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yay for Family!

I am super pumped about Thursday, why?.......because my mommy and sis are coming to visit! I have been a mad woman trying to plan an awesome long weekend! I can't wait to see them and do all kinds of girlie/touristy things with them. The last time they visited was last year and we hadn't long enough to know what to show them. I have all kinds of great adventures planned! I hope they are not expecting a relaxing weekend....ok we might relax a little bit. I will post all kinds of pictures when it is all over and they are on their way back to TN, including some of our new home because I am going to take them to see it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

San Jose

Last week I flew to San Jose to spend the week with Davis. It was a great week away from home although I did miss my pups a lot! I had a great time being lazy and enjoying a daily maid. It was also the first time I had seen my husband since we became homeowners!!!

us with some co-workers
new homeowners!

Hairy Hotdogs

Don't ask because I am not sure myself, but my husband decided he wanted to make hairy hotdogs after one of his "Magic" friends told him about them. All you do is stick spaghetti noodles through a hotdog and boil it. We had them with chili and they were actually quite good!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Seattle Fashionista!

I wanted to share this link with you guys because you hear a lot about Carly, my design friend, and I wanted you to be able to appreciate her for being a amazing designer. She won a scholarship to travel abroad in January and go to fashion school in London for 3 months! It is an amazing accomplishment and I am so very proud of her!

Carly story

The dress that one her the scholarship was the red dress in the previous Yakima post. It was a red dress inspired by heart disease and the thoughts put into the dress are incredible!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life is GRAND!

When I feel like I am having a bad day (which really doesn't happen much, but it does happen), I remember that I have a loving, supportive family, husband, and friends. I have 2 degrees from a top public university and a husband who doesn't mind me being a nanny instead of an accountant!

I feel that we take things for granted on a daily basis and we need to be more thankful for what we have.

I want to take this time to let everyone know how thankful I am of each and every one of you. Most everyone who reads our blog has, in some way, affected mine and/or Davis's lives!

I also want to thank Davis for being Davis and lighting up my life daily! It truly is a blessing to marry your best friend!

I will never be able to thank all 4 of my parents enough for all they have done for me, but I want you all to know that I appreciate everything you do for me. I miss you tons!

I can't wait for Mom and Mandy to come visit in 2 short weeks!!! yay! Girls weekend in Seattle...get excited!