Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Counting Down

Davis actually has to go to the office this week. They have a man leaving in his department so his group had to go to the office yesterday and today for training. He leaves tomorrow for New York. He will be there until Friday.

I take the next part of the CPA exam on Thursday. I am super excited to get it over with because when it is over we are having company. YAY!

It will be the first set of familiar faces we have seen in a while. Mom will be here on Friday and I am so excited to be able to show her the city! She will love it, I know it. I am not sure what all we are going to do, but I will let you know soon.

She will be leaving Monday and 2 days later Tyler & Tot will arrive. This will be great fun considering it is my 2 best friends! We plan on doing a lot in little time! They depart on Sunday/Monday.

Davis's parents arrive on Saturday and are staying for a week. This will be the last of our fall break vacationers. Although only a few more weeks before it is Thanksgiving and Mom, Greg, Mandy, Chris, and the boys will be coming out.

We can't wait to see everyone!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday = Sunny Day

Today was a beautiful day and so after sleeping in and watching an episode (or two?) of Prison Break Cindy and I headed over to the bike store where we purchased our bikes to get our free first-month tuneup.  I am not sure exactly what happened, but Cindy's bike was done in like 5 minutes and they told me that it would take about an hour for my bike.  

We weren't really sure about how to use our hour of free time without our bikes, but we noticed a park across the street where some teams were playing soccer games.  So we ended up going over there, sitting in the sun, and watching some kids play soccer.  It was really cool just sitting there watching and made me think back to the days when me and all of the guys were that young playing soccer together.  Good times.

After sitting there and watching one half of two different soccer games, the bike shop finally gave us a call and we got to pick up my bike.  Then we rode a couple of miles across downtown to Home Depot where we were trying to think of other options to hang our bikes in our apartment.  As some of you might know, our first attempt to hang our bikes didn't work out so well.  But with the limited space in our apartment it is kind of constraining to find a good place/way to hang them.  But leaning against walls in our apartment, like they are now, is not going to work.  Home Depot wasn't really able to help us out so we left there empty handed and headed back home.

Cindy's cooking vegetable soup right now that we'll have for dinner and then I'm sure we'll watch some more Prison Break.  Man, I love weekends.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

YAY..for surprises!

My husband surprised me tonight and took me out to eat. I don't know if that would mean much to most women, but it was super exciting to me.

I also finally put the pictures from my camera on my computer so enjoy!

Mansion on Mercer Island
The city
The famous gum wall in our alley
Us after eating at The Pink Door, an Italian place with trapeze artists
The view from the patio of The Pink Door
Flowers from the market
Mt. Rainer view from Burien
Before realizing that we were going to lose badly to Florida, but going to watch the game with other UT alum
I-90 bridge (we were about to cross over on bike)
me & my bike about to go over the I-90 bridge

Friday, September 26, 2008

Commercials Are Soooo 1990s

Hey there. I thought I would actually surprise everyone and update the blog myself instead of letting Cindy do it all of the time. Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates this week; Cindy and I have been busy watching a new TV show. Well...a new TV show to us anyways.

We started watching Prison Break season one on Monday. We ended up getting hooked pretty quick and we pretty much watched the whole season straight through and finished season one last night. I don't really want to calculate how many episodes that means we watched per day, but I know it was a lot. The show is currently airing season four, but at the rate we are going we should be caught up pretty soon. But it is a pretty sweet show, so I recommend anyone looking for another show to watch to rent, buy, or stream the first couple of episodes and try it out.

Other than Prison Break, Cindy has been studying a lot preparing for the next part of her CPA exam next Thursday. We are STILL waiting for results of her other two tests. She calls her mom every night to see if the results have come in. When she called the CPA people to ask when her results would be in, they told her that it could take up until October 15th. At this point October 15th is not too far away so maybe they will be here soon.

I did find out that I will be going to Long Island next week from Wednesday until Friday. And Monday and Tuesday I will actually be going into the office for some meetings and things. So it looks like there will be none of this working from home stuff next week. I have never been to the north east, so I think it will be exciting. And hopefully it won't be too cold there already.

When I fly in on Friday, Sandra will already be here to stay with us for a couple of days so that will be exciting too. October is a big month for Cindy and I since we are having quite a few people come visit us all throughout the month. So we should be keeping pretty active during that time and have some exciting stuff to talk about. So stay tuned...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exciting Times!

This past week was just as eventful as any other. Wednesday Davis left for Sarasota, FL and was gone until Friday. I studied pretty much all day Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I had an interview with a mom about nannying. Well I woke up and fixed me a bowl of cereal and sat down at my computer like every morning. Davis called to say that they had just landed in Texas and told me what time to be at the airport that afternoon to pick him up. As I sat back down at the table I accidentally hit the bikes with my head (as they were hanging above the dining room table). I hit my bike with my head which in turn hit Davis's bike and they both fell! It was a disaster! Not only did both bikes fall, but my laptop was on the table so as they fell they hit the laptop making it fall. This caused my screen to crack! Yes, this is the 2nd time in less than 2 years that my screen has been cracked. My computer is cursed with bad luck. Everything else for the most part was alright. My bike's paint chipped in one spot and our door has tire marks on it from my bike rolling out the door. It scared Beast to death as he was shaking as I left him in a mess and headed out for my interview.

My interview went well. The mom was very nice. They have 4 kids and they were very cute. The only problem is they were looking for someone more premanent. I only wanted a PT job until I was finished studying for the CPA.

I went to the airport and picked up Davis in the afternoon and we had dinner with some friends.

Saturday we went to Jillian's, a sportsbar, to join the Pacific Northwest UT alumni group to watch the very depressing UT v Florida game. It was a good time although we looked terrible. We met some more UT alum (we even met one guy that Davis had played volleyball against).

After the game we came back home and I took a nap while Davis played Rock Band 2! We watched some movies and hit the sack.

Sunday...today's plans: paint the kitchen table and ride bikes.

It is getting chilly here. It just happened in one day last week. It went from 70's to 50's. Rainy season is starting too. I can't wait for everyone to come visit!

I do have picture and will post them soon. I have to put them on my computer. My computer has to be ran through the projector now that the screen is broke and Davis is on the projector most of the time so in due time I will post pictures.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Director's Dinner

Davis landed in Seattle Saturday morning. We had dinner with a Deloitte director Saturday evening. It was probably the most formal dinner I had ever been to at someone's house. There was another couple that joined us from Tennessee (Pam and Ken). It was a great time. We really enjoyed getting to know everyone. They all knew a lot of people in the area and quite a few Tennesseans in the area. We felt honored to have the opportunity to meet and get to know them. Davis was able to talk video games! We had coconut cream pie for dessert and it was very good (which was surprising because me nor Dave likes pies).

Sunday we went for a long bike ride and found out how to cross Lake Washington. We also found a way to hang our bikes and bought an end table for the couch. Oh yeah, and we bought Rock Band 2, which of course was a necessity!

Davis found out that he leaves again Wednesday for Florida.

Hope all is well. I will post some pictures soon. I have some from Burien which is where the director lives.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy Asian

Davis worked from home most of the week, but he left this morning for California. He will only be gone 2 nights this time. He is in Napa Valley. He flies back Saturday morning just in time for our dinner Saturday night with a Deloitte partner. I am not sure how he did it being a newbie, but he landed us dinner with a partner which I think is totally awesome. Although I have no idea what to take as a gift?!?

I started studying again today..yay! I am taking the next part of the CPA October 2nd, the day before my mom arrives. I finally told her that she was making a trip to Seattle! It was a birthday surprise for her. The weekend of October 3rd mom is coming to Seattle and we are going to have a great time being girls in the city! I am super excited.

The title of this post comes from our last night story. We decided to go out to eat because we usually eat out once a week and Davis was leaving for 2 nights so it made since to do it last night. Anyway, we chose this Japanese place nearby and it was most definitely the most authentic Japanese I had ever had. I ordered something (I am not even sure) that came with an egg still in the shell, not cooked. She told me to put it in my soup (which was my dinner). It was a soup with tofu, beef, onions, rice noodles, lettuce, and who knows what else. So I cracked the egg and it was an uncooked egg (I at least thought it might have been boiled). Davis told me I was suppose to put it in my soup so I did. The meal was great, but different from any Japanese restaurant back home. I had never had soup with a raw egg in it!

Another great story from this week... Davis needed a helmet and we needed a lock for our bikes so we went to the bike shop on Tuesday. Our next stop was the bank. Davis decided to take one of the steepest hills to the bank. I was biking with a lock and papers from his helmet in my hand and as I started up the hill my bike shifted up a gear. Needless to say I wasn't going to make it up the hill. I looked up the hill and Davis was at the top and I didn't think he was going to look back for me so I decided I would just ride back to the apartment and wait. He decided to go on to the bank. I waited at the apartment for him and when he didn't show I figured he had went on to the bank so I left heading to the bank. When i finally made it to the bank....he wasn't there (go figure), so I headed home. Upon arriving at the apartment I found him waiting on me because I had the keys. We decided at that moment that from now on we have to have a back-up plan for these kinds of events. That is a short version of how we lost one another this week while biking.

I hope everyone remembered the fair was going on in Knoxville. It is Sept 5 -14. I am sad that I am missing it. I started going with Maggie when I was young and have always loved going. Although I do have cotton candy close by here which is almost the entire reason for going to the fair!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a pretty eventful weekend. I failed to mention that the lady that we bought the chairs from/the lady that might be getting me a job had friends over at her house the night we picked up the chairs and their son's name was Tennessee....we thought this was odd because well we are from Tennessee and have never heard anyone with the name Tennessee.

Saturday - This was our biking day. We bike to West Seattle which is along the coast and it is absolutely beautiful. I don't have pictures of the trip this time because Davis had taken my memory card out of my camera, but I promise I will take some next time. The trip was approximately 14 miles which was the furthest we had gone by far. After getting home I made my 1st ever homemade pizza with a homemade wheat crust. It was sooo good. I forgot to take a picture because we were so hungry after the bike ride. Then after dinner we went to Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory and Davis bought me a "Mudslide Apple". It was a granny smith apple covered in caramel, rice krispies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. I did get pictures of this monster. It was delicious and I am in love that we are so close to all these great eateries.

Sunday - Davis made pancakes for breakfast. He is the best pancake maker ever besides my momma of course. Although there is NO Karo corn syrup out here anywhere. Don't fret, I found some online. Which is another thing I forgot to mention I could not find any Stauffer's animal crackers ourt here and I am in love with animal crackers, but I found some online so I ordered me 3 bags last week. I was super excited about it. I will have to order some Karo syrup soon. We were lazy most of the day! I made steaks and sweet potatoes for dinner..yum!

Movies/TV series we watched: One Tree Hill (I am now in season 4), Chuck, The Office, Family Guy, There Will Be Blood, Postal, Leatherheads, Poisidon, Ghost Rider, and Space Jam.

Movies I watched while Davis was gome: Mona Lisa Smile, The Holiday

Davis watched The Incredible Hulk while gone

Tip: Don't waste your time on There Will Be Blood or Postal!

Pictures of the Mudslide Apple:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Adentures

So quite a bit has happened recently. I went to Kirkland on Thursday to interview with a nanny agency and it was beautiful. I have pictures below, but I really haven't found a part of Seattle that I don't like. It is all so wonderful and green. Kirkland is on Lake Washington and has a park that has a roped off swimming area and sand volleyball (which Davis and I love to play).

Then one night while Davis and I were watching Planet Earth, Beast got interested because of the animals. It was the funniest things I have ever seen Beast do. He wanted in the screen. He was so concerned about the animals. The pictures below look like Beast is just starring at the wall because my camera's flash made the picture from the projector disappear, but it was there I promise.

Another crazy night....On Thursday I questioned about chairs on Craigslist. She responded and said we could pick them up Friday night. So last night we went to West Seattle to pick up our new fabulous chairs. As we were going through the 18 chairs picking the best 6 for us, we were making small talk with the lady and she asked us what we did for a living. Of course I said I was an accountant and Davis was an IT guy. She asked if I had a job and I responded with no. She said that's ironic because I am the Regional VP of Robert Half Accounting and Finance. Small World huh? Anyway, she gave me a business card and I am going to call her on Monday. Buying our 6 chairs may have secure me a job...crazy and very unexpected. Her husband told us a little bit about West Seattle and how it has great views of the city at night so then we drove to downtown West Seattle and took pictures of the city (the pictures do not do the real view justice at all).


Coming back from Kirkland
The city from West Seattle
The Space Needle from West Seattle
Beast wanting to be on Planet Earth
Beast so confused as to why he couldn't befriend the animals on Planet Earth
The mountain view on the way to KirklandCrossing Lake Washington back into the cityUniversity of Washington's football stadium...the 2 things that look like snakes

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Davis has yet another 1st day!

So today was Davis's 1st real job day. He enjoyed it. He is working with a group that does quite a bit of traveling and works mostly from home. He does not know at this moment when he will be traveling again, but he does know that he is going to like the working from home bit. He doesn't actually have to be at the office tomorrow until noon (this will be something new and exciting). This is something he has always wanted to do as that is what most computer geeks do.

After he got home from work today, we went for another bike ride to explore some new parts. We went to Queen Anne (much more hilly). It was a good ride. We went through the sculpture park on the way home and took more pictures.

As for last night and the 1st UT football game, we went to a mexican restaurant 2 blocks away and watched the game. It was depressing to leave there with our 1st loss after our 1st game. As you can imagine anyone else there watching the game was of course for UCLA. We still cheered on the Vols until the last minute. Hopefully we can only improve.

My job search.....I have an interview Thursday for a nanny position. I figured this would be a good paying job to do part time as I study for my CPA. We will see how that works out.

I think that is all for now. Enjoy the pics!

Sculpture Park
Dave at the top of the park
The Space Needle
Looking towards home