Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Davis has yet another 1st day!

So today was Davis's 1st real job day. He enjoyed it. He is working with a group that does quite a bit of traveling and works mostly from home. He does not know at this moment when he will be traveling again, but he does know that he is going to like the working from home bit. He doesn't actually have to be at the office tomorrow until noon (this will be something new and exciting). This is something he has always wanted to do as that is what most computer geeks do.

After he got home from work today, we went for another bike ride to explore some new parts. We went to Queen Anne (much more hilly). It was a good ride. We went through the sculpture park on the way home and took more pictures.

As for last night and the 1st UT football game, we went to a mexican restaurant 2 blocks away and watched the game. It was depressing to leave there with our 1st loss after our 1st game. As you can imagine anyone else there watching the game was of course for UCLA. We still cheered on the Vols until the last minute. Hopefully we can only improve.

My job search.....I have an interview Thursday for a nanny position. I figured this would be a good paying job to do part time as I study for my CPA. We will see how that works out.

I think that is all for now. Enjoy the pics!

Sculpture Park
Dave at the top of the park
The Space Needle
Looking towards home

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Tito said...

GL on the interview, Cin. I'm confident you'll get. I mean, how thorough of a background check are they going to be doing, you know?

I'm so frustrated about that stupid game. The D killed up to the last quarter. If Chavis learns one thing, prevent defense prevents us from winning. Ugh.