Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthdays and Bands

A nerdy birthday party....count me in! Friday was Michelle's scientific birthday party and it was a blast. The highlight of the night was the egg drop competition because all scientists are competitive in nature. The rules...make a vessel that will carry an egg safely on an adventurous 4 story drop from a rooftop. My idea....this was seriously an "I'm running late what can I buy on my way out the door at the market downstairs", so I bought a carton of icing and stuffed an egg in the middle!

Did it work?

NO, a lesson to all of you! Although the silver cylinder you see is full of jello and totally protected it's egg!

yes, that egg was protected as well...I don't know if it counts when there a bag to help the blow!

PB&J's anyone
the element cupcakes
candy necklaces
from geek to hipster
it was now time to see The Good Hurt...with these beautiful ladies
We had a nightcap with Davis and his crew at Amber's to end the night. And I had a final dance with this man!


The Wednesday night before our NYC trip was the 2nd annual CraveGreen event.
my gorgeous gown

me and Carly
student designer dresses
not many people get to see what our hair looks like after shows, but I thought I would share

Friday, May 20, 2011

4 Years

Time flies when you are having fun!

I can't believe it's been 4 years since we stood on the dock at the lake house and said "I Do". A lot has changed since that beautiful day. The biggest change (in our lives) being we moved to Seattle, bought a home, and started new jobs...I don't think we could have made a better decision! Starting our lives together in a new city, what an experience! We are still making new friends and learning how to live with one another. It took some time, but we finally got a life outside of ourselves and work. If I was to give anyone advice about moving to a new city, I would say "give it time".

Davis travels quite a bit and I am super lucky to have the girlfriends that I do. They have made Seattle awesome!

The crazy thing about 4 years is it ages you, I still like to consider myself 21! Davis and I are still very young at heart and not sure when or if ever we will want to "grow up".

Our 4th was celebrated with
octopus, halibut, cocktails
champagne and the movie Bridesmaids
I gave our night out "2 arms up"
What the future holds?...lots of traveling!

Davis - Thank you for being you and loving me! You are an amazing guy and I love you more than you know ;-) Here's to many more...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Because I miss them...

And now you know why!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gowns, Gowns, and New York City

I was excited, very excited to wake up and get some work completed on Thursday morning because I was hours away from heading to the airport for a girls New York weekend! It definitely lived up to expectations, we had a blast. I am pretty sure we didn't sleep more than 5 hours a night. I guess in a city that never sleeps, you shouldn't either! The main purpose of the trip was to find a wedding dress for Hazel Grace and I can say for certain that the mission was accomplished. The wedding is not until next year so you will not get to see the dress for a long time, but it has been decided and what a relief for HG :)

Thursday night, we landed late so straight to the ACE hotel where we gladly dropped off our suitcases and went downstairs to the oh so convenient Breslin to grab a bite. I had the delicious lamb burger. The fries were served with a cumin aioli sauce and I must say that might have been the best idea ever!

Girls at dinner
Lamb burger

Friday morning we grabbed Stumptown coffee and croissants before arriving at our first appointment. It was at Kleinfield's (boutique where Say Yes to the Dress is filmed). Long story short the first dress she tried on here is the winner!! Many dresses and rankings later we took a taxi to the West Village for brunch. After brunch we were off to find a taxi to take us to Midtown for another appointment. There were dresses tried on, but nothing compared to "the one". This put us into the late afternoon so we did a little shopping before going back to the hotel, toasting champagne, and getting ready for dinner in Tribeca. After dinner, we met up with some of HG's NY friends for drinks in Chinatown followed by drinks in Tribeca. It was a great night chatting and getting to know some of HG's oldest friends.

Cheers to a successful first day ;)

Saturday morning appointments started a little later so we had breakfast first at EAT. Followed by what proved to be the nicest boutique we visited, Vera Wang, where there were tons of beautiful dresses. This is where dress #2 entered the running. After Vera, we had brunch at Sarabeth's in Central Park before arriving at our last and final appointment. Another dress entered the running here, but in my opinion "the one" was still "the one"!
Outside of Vera
at Sarabeth's

After an extremely long Saturday already, we went back to the ACE for a catnap. We had dinner at an awesome Mexican tapas place in Bowery, followed by drinks and karaoke. The following morning we had a guided run tour around the southern waterfront of Manhattan, which was surprisingly gorgeous and green. This was followed by an amazing brunch and shopping.
my breakfast was amazing! @ Marc Forgione
our boy band album cover that George insisted on taking :)
girls being girls

Thanks for an amazing weekend ladies, you are the best!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cuatro de Mayo

Girls just wanna have fun!
Limes for the Margarita's

Our Mexican she man

holy food....we had salad, tamales, tacos, guac, chocolate mousse
birthday girls :)
dance party
me and Al

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all mother's had an awesome day today! We truly appreciate everything our mother's have done for us :) You both are a blessing and we wouldn't be us without you!

A much needed weekend away from the city...

This past week, Davis and the company had their "corporate retreat" in Woodinville. Their definition of corporate retreat means working from 7am-10pm....which was fine by me as long as I could tag along! I joined Thursday night for Cinco de Mayo dinner and stayed for the duration of the weekend. Woodinville is "wine country" in Washington, it is 40 minutes outside of Seattle. It is a small town tucked in a densely wooded area. We stayed at Willows Lodge, which might be the only place to stay. It is a cute dog friendly lodge that Beast and Belle enjoyed as well ;)

Willows has a few house animals, Borage and Basil are the 2 live in potbellies.


Even though we were in "wine country", I can say I didn't taste a single wine therefore we must go back! I did however have an awesome spa day!

the grounds

the art at the entrance
me & my love
Davis at the spa