Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cabin weekend in Stevens Pass

A month or so ago, some friends and us got together and rented a cabin for the weekend.  It was an awesome weekend that will soon be repeated on the beach!!!

It was one of those weekends that I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures, although there were many things about the trip that I never want to forget....the best/funniest memory we will all have hopefully forever was this

TJ, also known as Jen, somehow caused the only toilet in the house (this toilet had been designated as the #1 and absolutely no #2's because it was in the main house, so no issues with smelling the main house) to overflow and there was no maintenance man so it was broke for the remainder of the weekend.  We were in the woods, so everyone could pee outside and there was another toilet in the guest house (this was the #2 toilet if you get my drift), however it was quite scary walking to the guest house in the dark to use the bathroom.

This picture is Davis in his boots and PJs plunging the toilet with a midget plumber so it was of no help at all!  Good try Dave, thanks for attempting it!  The floor is completely soaked and they had to bail water out of the toilet to keep it from overflowing, it was kinda gross!

Other memorable events of the weekend....

  • Things you are scared of the start with the letter A...."Apple Pickers"
  • Rules for changing a game....minimum bid of 2 shots split between however many people want to change, then the opposing 'team' that want to continue to play the same game can up the bid by one and split however many ways, etc.  
  • Hot tub "Truth or Drink" game
  • the worm
  • yummy food
  • burnt bacon
  • a really long drive for DP
Very much looking forward to the next adventure!!

Our Everglades Adventure

Weekends in TN

We/I have spent the last 2 weekends in TN visiting family.  Easter weekend I was able to enjoy a long weekend with the family that involved watching the boys play T ball (T ball no longer involves a tee, it is coach pitched...this seems crazy hard for a 4 year old, BUT they both hit the ball!!), playing outside with all the kids...we had a water balloon fight, broke a go-kart, rode motorcycles, and played wiffle ball, going to church for Easter and eating amazing food afterwards...thanks mamaw!, visiting with Chris & Sue, and of course seeing my wonderful parents and pups.  It was a great weekend and I can't wait to have many more ;)

This past weekend we went to Estill Springs to see Dave's family.  We had dinner with Daniel and Keri in Nashville and then headed South.  Friday night we went to the drive-in to see Cabin in the Woods and Wrath of the Titans (we all fell asleep during this one and Davis took us home).  Saturday we went to Rutledge Falls and then needed some frozen yogurt goodness afterwards.  We got to see all grandparents while we were there and had some delicious southern cooking!  Thanks for a great weekend!

Monday, April 9, 2012

My evening with Viv

Davis:  That's a pinkish purple
Viv: It's just pink
Then she proceeded to grab a purple marker so that Davis would know the difference

Cindy: I don't know as much you do about dinosaurs
Viv: You need to tell your teacher, she will teach you.
Viv: I do know more than you about dinosaurs

Viv excused herself from the dinner table and said "I am going upstairs, Cindy.  Yell if you need me"

After tackling me when I first arrived into the dining room table and us both falling over...she looked at me and said....
"What are we going to do other than hug?"

"I know there was a yesterday, but I don't remember what I did"

She also told us all about her favorite animal (which is extinct), the Dynohyus.