Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All's well that ends well

So this has been an extremely crazy day! Not only did our building get broken into (not really because come to find out the door was left unlock), but the robber ditch the stuff down the road (I am guessing he/she plans on returning to reclaim sometime)....we received a call from the person whose yard contained the "hiding spot" (under a huge camo jacket) saying he had found bags of our things. So after reclaiming our goods...I am now typing from my laptop with no difficulties!

WOW, what a day!

Computerless = worthless

Our office was broken into last night and they stole my laptop... so this morning not much has been accomplished in the ways of work. Never realized how dependent on computers we are until we don't have them! Hopefully I will be up and running soon!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

PB lovers

If you love PB and you love chocolate, then this is heaven in a jar! Be warned: you might become addicted so buy at your own risk! You can buy on their website if you cannot find in local grocery store :)

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One of many reasons

Why I run...

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Views from the Needle take 1

We enjoyed dinner at the Space Needle with Dad and Barb so much that we took Mom and Greg 3 weeks later. This is the first time we had ever eaten at the top and it's definitely worth it especially if you have guests visiting or new to the city!

livin the life :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cruisin without us

On my run today I watched a ship leave and wished I was on it! I need another vacation ASAP ;)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

The locks

I get around to much lengthier posts soon, here's a photo of mom, Greg, and Dave going through the locks last weekend. They did a fantastic job!

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us in Victoria

We have had lots of company over the past month so my blogging pretty much came to a halt. My dad and Barb were first. They drove across country and ended in Seattle July 4th. We had 2 great weeks with them. What did we do? The question should be what didn't we do? The highlights of their trip include a weekend in Victoria, the Boeing plant tour, a Mariner's game, and a wonderful BBQ on the roof.

We also managed to fit in some great dad-daughter time with meals and movies.

They loved Fred's, it's our Wal-mart.

Thank you guys for visiting. We loved having you, come back soon!

me and a street buskar

Dad getting eat in Chinatown

HUGE slug found hiking