Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Many Fridays ago my mom was recognized as 1 of the top 40 in 40.  This means that my mom was picked as the #1 alumni from her class!! They only picked 1 person in each of the past 40 graduating classes. This is a big deal and I am super proud of her and all of her accomplishments! You are the bomb diggity, congratulations again!! Love you!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy birthday Mom!!

I miss you and love you more than you know!! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

And Happy Anni to you and Greg!!

Charity events

I participated in 2 charity fashion shows this past weekend. I participated in both of these shows last year and had a blast while also scoring some great deals so of course when I was asked again this year, I said yes! They both were hugely successful and I had a great time working with Carly and Tina. I once again scored some very awesome deals even better than last year!!

The last picture is of the line out the door and around the corner for fashion show number 1, needless to say there were a lot of people there. The second show sold out last year so they changed venues this year to hold more people. I am not sure of the final headcount, but we definitely raised more money this year!

10 YEARS?!?

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since my senior year of high school, but it has! We kicked off this school year with being recognized at this year's homecoming football game. We will continue to celebrate our 10th year out of high school in May with a family fun day followed by an evening meal and drinks.

After the football game, we headed to a schoolmate's house for karaoke, dancing, and ping-pong. We had a great time!! We are lucky, a significant percent of our class (87 people) are awesomely cool.

Thanks to everyone who made it out and I can't wait to see more people in May :)