Monday, April 26, 2010

Life is CRAZY

Life is CRAZY

There are reasons why I haven't blogged in 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks! Life has been crazy busy!

To recap these past 2 weeks as always we have spent time with friends BUT I also flew to Orlando and surprised my family by joining them for a week at Disney!

I flew out last Saturday morning bright and early, this was Mandy's birthday (Happy Birthday Sis)! I landed at 9pm local time and Greg and Chris picked me up, Thank you both! When we arrived back at the resort both Mandy and Mom were asleep so we of course woke them up to tell them the good news "Cindy is here!" Mom of course cried and we all talked for a while about how long who knew and such. Then we all crashed for the night. The next 2 days were pool days because of the weather. After 2 days of resting by the pool we threw ourselves into 3 FULL days of Disney and let me tell you I think those were the 3 most exhausting days of my life, BUT it was great fun at the same time. I am so glad we went in April and not any later as the sun was particularly hot in the afternoon.
mimi and the boys living the life
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY! That cake was delicious!

The first Disney day we went to Animal Kingdom, this is a themed zoo really and it was a lot of fun. We saw all kinds of animals, went for a safari, and ended the day with 2 SIT DOWN shows (Lion King and Nemo). The perfect way to end a day on the feet :)
boys watching the parade
me and Jonas outside Animal Kingdom
this gorilla had a baby in it's arms, it was so sweet

The 2nd Disney day was a semi-relaxing one at Blizzard Beach. This is a ski resort themed water park and it was a lot of fun. The boys even rode the only BIG slides that they were allowed to ride.

The 3rd and most exhausting day had to be Magic Kingdom. The park is HUGE and I feel like we did everything. In reality we didn't do everything, but we sure did fit a whole lot into the 12 hours we were there! Before we left we hit up the sweets stores and indulged in cotton candy, cinnamon rolls, and a huge delicious chocolate brownie and it was another perfect ending to a LONG day :)
Cinderella's castle
going to Mikey's house

Friday was a much needed relaxing day by the pool and Cracker Barrel for dinner! I love Cracker Barrel and we don't have any in the state of Washington so when I go anywhere that does I have to indulge, yum yum!
me and my wonderful mom

Saturday was return to home day and my flight wasn't until 4:40pm so my wonderful parents stayed later than they usually would and took me to lunch, where? Cracker Barrel. Saturday is chicken and rice day and that is my FAVORITE day! It was super yummy, thank you mom and Greg for staying and taking me to eat! I love you both tons :)

Although it was an exhausting trip, I loved every minute of being there. I have a wonderful family and I love spending every minute I can with them. I was able to sleep, read, work puzzles, and swim with my nephews daily....what more could I ask for? I can't wait for Myrtle Beach in June and then getting to spend 2 more weeks with the family after that before heading home, it will be some awesome quality time!

my table when retuning home, Thanks Dave, you are one heck of a man! Thanks for letting me use your free flight too :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Barb!

Today is Barbara's birthday and we wanted to wish her a wonderful day :) The above picture is from when I went home in December.

Carly's Birthday

Last night the girls and I went out to celebrate my friend, Carly's, homecoming from 3 months in London and her 22nd birthday. We had a blast dancing the night away! We hit up 3 different places dancing at each until the last place kicked us out at 2am, that's what time the bars close in Seattle which is odd because in Knoxville they close at 3am. It doesn't seem like an hour would make a difference, but it makes a huge one considering we were hardly ever out until last call in Knoxville and are always still out for last call in Seattle. Strange.

I love these beautiful girls!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cover Up

My latest sewing project has been a swimsuit cover up and it is finished as of this morning. Here it is modeled by Roxie!
if I want to wear it as a shirt

Up and coming projects -
- a dress to wear to the Gupta's wedding in May
- Ava Reese, my soon to be niece, shoes

Friends and the Weekend

As always most of our weekend was spent with our friends, Friday night was Mexican night - yum yum! And then we went to the Dubliner, an Irish bar in Fremont that played Reggae music. Odd, I know!

This might have been the reason for the music
Davis matched the DJ
this is what we do bored at bars, invent our own games, yes that is a nickel bounced off the table into the glass on top of a phone on top of another glass
Davis' extremely long straw
me and Nish

Saturday - we watched a movie, The Departed, and played Phase 10 at Freddo's place.
Sunday - we had Easter brunch at George's. Frankie cooked a delicious Frittata and pancakes and we had mimosas, yum! After brunch we were lazy the rest of the afternoon, great day to end a great weekend!

Housewarming Party Pics

Most of these pictures you may have seen before, but since our place was sooo clean I took pictures again so ignore if you want.
living room
Roxie, my dressform
playing games
living room

All About Belle

March 31st was Belle's 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Belle! Davis made her a cheese birthday cake that she thoroughly enjoyed, but almost choked as she tried to eat the entire thing in one bite. We sang Happy birthday and although she didn't get any presents because she has a million toys she also didn't get brushed - that was her present from me!
2 excited dogs waiting for cheese
her cheese cake
too much in her tiny mouth, so pulling it out and breaking it apart

In other Belle news, dog grooming in the city is soooo expensive so we decided that we would cut Belle ourselves and if it was terrible we would then take her to a groomers and they could fix her. Belle is a yorkie-poo so although she looks just like a yorkie, she has poodle fur and it mats very easily. We have gotten her semi-ok with brushing her but to keep her from matting she needs to be brushed daily which is something we don't do. So, we decided to cut her like a poodle, SHORT. We think she is still adorable, but we are bias.