Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yet another wedding weekend

This weekend we celebrated in Nashville with Adam and Candice as they said "I do" to starting their lives together as one.  It was a fun weekend, and mostly a Davis and Cindy weekend as we went by it was a lazy one with TV shows, movies, and computers.

We went to Monell's for lunch and that makes for several meals!  You can read all about it below at the link below.

We were also able to spend a couple of days with family and that's always a plus!  The wedding was super fun, Davis danced so that always makes for a good time :)  Thanks to my parents for the airport pickup & drop offs & the use of whitey, you guys are the BEST!

I didn't take many pictures, but we did have our pictures taken at the photo booth ;)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outer Banks

I cannot say enough wonderful things about our trip to the Outer Banks.  It was absolutely gorgeous while we were there!  We stayed in Kill Devil Hills and then cruised South to Ocracoke and I would highly suggest everyone visit Ocracoke, what a great little island!

We had delicious food, played ping-pong, cornhole, spades, took a tour of the first flight sight, shopped, rode bikes, and swam in the ocean a bit ;)

 a dangerous hole in the ocean?
 dinner is served
 and it is finished

 we are about to walk there
 the first 4 landings or crashes?

 riding the ferry to Ocracoke

 Mater, cute or scary?


One of my goals with taking the new job was to blog about all the places I visit, obviously I have been terrible at this but maybe I will get better as I learn the ropes and have more time to do other things besides work.  

Last week I was in Savannah and while it's nice to be somewhere warm or HOT, I do miss home as this is the only time of year that Seattle has good weather.  It seems like I haven't been home much...I guess that is because I haven't been home much!  I am looking forward to August as we should be in Seattle for most of the month and it's our best month (weather wise) of the year!

One of the best things about Savannah was spending time with an old friend.  Sara and I go way back, to freshman year of college.  We were rowers together and practically roommates.  We took several classes together so we were walking (around campus) partners as well :)  The normal life events happened after college where she went one way and I went the other and therefore I haven't see her since my wedding day?  That was over 5 years ago, she now has a 3 year old!  Life passes too quick!

Savannah was a great town, I enjoyed running the town nightly and listening to the live music in the city market to cool down.  Off the to the Outer Banks I go for a weekend with Dad, Barb, Chris, Sue, and the hubby :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Where should we live?

This is an on-going question in my mind and frankly I am tired of thinking about it.  Why are these decisions soooo hard?  Live where you want to live or live closer to family?  Is it worth living closer to family if you are still 12 hours driving distance away?  Will we really see them more or is it pointless because we are still not close enough?  Will I feel just as guilty?  Will they ever visit or do I have to move back home to see them?

If you have ever moved away from home, you may know what I am talking about or you may just think I am crazy!  <~I may be...just crazy!  Why do I feel like I am the only one worrying about this decision?

Life passes by too fast not to do the things in life that you want to do, but it also passes by too fast not to see the ones you love more often than a couple times a year.  Obviously I need help :)

We are looking for a warmer Seattle.  Seattle is all things great except the weather (for us)!

Here is a list of places we would love:

Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

Here is a list of places we may love and are closer to home:

Austin, TX
Charleston, SC
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fort Myers, FL
Virginia Beach, VA
Tampa, FL

Does anyone have opinions about these places?  Or suggestions of new places that might be equally as awesome as Seattle?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Vacay 2012

Life at the beach with the family = awesome!  A week with hardly any computer usage and just the right amount of sun, sounds ideal.  Why can't vacation come more often?  Thanks Mom and Greg for loving vacations as much as I do!  Enjoy the few pictures, it seems every year the kids get older..the more I have to do other than snap photos!

 Love you two!