Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Some events in life are not in our hands. They are not to be determined by us. We have no control on the outcome. And most the time we don't understand why.

The cycle of life is a definite process. We come and we go. Most of us hope that we go much later than we came. Most of us hope for a fulfilling and happy life.

2008 has been a very trying year on my family as we have seen 3 very close relatives leave this life and enter into another.

Today marks the end of 2008 and my only hope is that 2009 brings more joy and less sorrow for my family. Please keep us in your prayers.

So Long Projector

So a few days ago our projector died. The color wheel broke and made this horrible jack-hammering sound. At first we thought the noise was coming from our neighbor's apartment and so we sat in our apartment listening to the noise thinking it was coming from outside. We then realized it was our problem when we turned off the projector and the noise quit. Therefore this made our TV decision pretty easy. We have been on the verge of buying a TV for some time now and I kept talking Davis out of it because we didn't need it (we had the projector). Now with no projector guess what we got it, a TV. So after much research and dealing with the electronics stores on who would give us the best price we ended up with a 61' TV with free next day home delivery. I will post some pictures as soon as we get it all set up today.

That's how karma works.....Davis was wanting a new TV so his projector (his baby) broke. Although we are sad to see the projector go, we are ecstatic about the new TV.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day & such....

My child husband was very excited to be able to watch a penny swirl around!
Davis doing his charitable deeds...helping a car out of snow
Beast in his new basket
Davis in his new gear
Me in my new gear

Our plates after dinner...mine is the clean one
Our Christmas dinner....delicious
My new apron...Thanks mom & Greg!
Davis liked it too!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

12 Days Ended

11th Day:
Davis = M&Ms
Race for the Galaxy
Cindy = Measuring Cups (which by the way....I did finally find my only one that went missing after Thanksgiving. Mandy, you left it in the pancake mix box and Davis found it the next day when he went to making pancakes!)

12th Day:
Davis = Bike Headlight
Cindy = 3lb bag of Animal Crackers

We had a wonderful Christmas! We slept in and then opened was great! We then lounged all day in our PJ's and watched Weeds. I love lazy days at home!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Beast with his new toy....Deer....original we know
Beast in Dad's scarf
Dave with his homemade sling for the ice pack
eating soup pitifully
right after his surgery....thumbs up!

Beast realizing it was too cold for him and coming back up
outside the market
streets closed due to icy hills
Dave's hat that I crocheted

Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Days Continued

5th day:
Davis = Dice Set for Magic: the Gathering
Cindy = Crochet Hook Set

6th day:
Davis = Hat (that I crochet for him)
Cindy = Full Body Massage

7th day:
Davis = Timex Watch
Cindy = Netflix for 1 month

8th day:
Davis = Underwear for Running
Cindy = Ferry Ride to Bainbridge

9th day:
Davis = Brown Belt
Cindy = Recipe Book

I will eventually post a picture of his hat.....I have plenty because he wears it all the time around the house!

Update: Davis had his wisdom teeth removed on Friday....he is doing way better than most people. He definitely did not take advantage of being sick.

Also we got another 5 or so inches of snow last night. yay! I have been so fascinated by all of it! It is the most snow I think I have ever seen although we have not been able to play/sled in it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in Seattle

We had the most awesome day today...or at least I did. It snowed somewhere around 4 inches in the city today and it was absolutely beautiful! It was Beast's first snow so we took him out and enjoyed watching him experiment with snow for the first time. He did not like it because it was as tall as his lil legs and probably a little cold as well. I did get some great shots of stuff.

I also received great news....I passed the 3rd part of the CPA...yay! So Dave took me to the Four Seasons for lunch and it was delicious!

We also received a package from Dad & Barb that had all kinds of homemade goodies in it. Thanks again for the wonderful "happies"!

I love the winter and Christmas. Oh yea, the slopes now have 40 inches of real snow!!!! We are super excited!

My new jacket that I love...Thanks Mom & Greg

Holiday Party
Thanks Dad & Barb
It's a holder for my crochet hooks & it says Happy
Iris is getting more like a Christmas tree
My boys...being lazy on the snow day
Probably the cutest dog ever!
All the rest are snow pics...this is outside the market

He stayed warm in my coat

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

Davis and I decided we needed a Christmas tradition....we decided on the 12 days of Christmas. Our version entails that each of us receive a present everyday starting 12 days before Christmas day. So we started our gift giving this past Saturday. The idea was actually stimulated by Maggie, my childhood best friend. When we were growing up she would come to school with the coolest small gifts as part of her 12 days. So far we have accumulated the following:

Day 1: Davis = Magic Booster Set
Cindy = Knee High Socks

Day 2: Davis = Flask
Cindy = Hooks for Hanging Apron
Drawing Pad and Colored Pencils

Day 3: Davis = Planner
Cindy = Chicken Pot Pie

Day 4: Davis = Magic Booster Set
Cindy = Going to see Four Christmases

We will have to see what tomorrow brings!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Since you last have heard a lot has happened and I am going to forget to tell you all of it (as always). Pretty much the week was normal....Davis working from home and me nannying. Wednesday nights are now taken up by a Magic the Gathering club for Davis. He goes to Queen Anne and plays with other fellow nerds and so far he loves it so good for him!

This past Friday I had a fashion show for Dirty Dog jeans and B&G clothes. It went well....I always enjoy walking the runway! I even met some friends...yay for me. One in particular is in fashion school out here which has always been my dream so it was great to meet her and get to talk about design. Here is a picture from after the show. I will post more pictures when I receive them.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holidays are Crazy!

So I am having trouble finding time to post and I don't even have a full-time job! Christmas is coming way faster than I thought. It always does and yet I am always surprised!

I have been trying to finish up all of our Christmas shopping while trying to figure out what we are going to do for New Year's. We have been through a number of suggestions...such as Las Vegas, Whistler, staying in the city and we still do not know what we are going to do. I have also been trying to plan our summer vacation. We are going to Mexico and we plan on spending multiple weeks down there. We are fortunate enough to be able to travel as we please and plan on taking every advantage we can of being child-free and young!

I have finished my second and third crochet project....I made me a scarf and fingerless gloves.

We had a holiday brunch this morning with our friends and I made homemade muffins. I made blueberry, banana, and banana with white chocolate chips! We also had waffles and frittatas. It was a great time, we love hanging out with our friends....It's nice to know people now!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

We were busy busy busy this Thanksgiving! Mom, Greg, Mandy, Chris, Nolan, & Jonas all came to visit and celebrate the holiday with us. We were sooo thankful that they were able to come out and that they had safe travels. We were excited to be able to spend the holiday in our new city.

I prepared Thanksgiving day dinner and they arrived at our apartment by limo at 12:30pm. We enjoyed being able to eat in and talk a lot! We had butternut squash bisque, turkey stuffed with a wild mushroom dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread, pumpkin pie, and coconut pie. It was a lot of work and I am now so thankful for all that my grandmas have done in the past.

After dinner we strolled the city. On Friday the girls did a lot of shopping while the men watched football and kept the boys. Then we have dinner at the Daily Grill. Saturday was almost a repeat of Friday except that the girls took the twins shopping and the men went to a sports bar to watch the games. We then went to dinner at Elliott's on the pier. Sunday morning we went to CJ's for breakfast before they were off back to Tennessee. Although there flight was delayed 1 hour due to snow in St. Louis.

We had a great time! We are lucky to have such wonderful families and we are so thankful that they were able to join us for the holiday! We love you!

Oh yeah, we also exchanged Christmas presents while they were here! We got a lot of awesome stuff that was on our wishlist and we thank everyone for that! Hopefully, I will get the pictures off of mom's camera of us opening ours.

Davis got 2 video games, a harddrive, bike gloves, books, bike lock, socks, giftcards
I got my bag, coat, boots, klean kateen, scarf, apron, movie giftcard, bike gloves, chocolate covered strawberries...yum!
If I left anything out I am sorry, but we are so excited to have all of these presents!!!!!

This was the mess I made when blending the butternut squash bisque....I thought this only happened in movies, but no! I not only did it once, but I did it twice! Thank goodness the soup was good.

The table

Some of dinner


Wine and bread
Nolan and Jonas opening their tee pee tent

Their tee pee

Greg & Mom's T-bone (or TomTom GPS)

the girls in the market

the whole crew in the market

Me, Dave, and the boys

Poppy & his boys

Nolan loving my strawberry banana smoothie (you never get your own anything with kids)

Jonas drinking mom's chocolate milkshake