Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

We were busy busy busy this Thanksgiving! Mom, Greg, Mandy, Chris, Nolan, & Jonas all came to visit and celebrate the holiday with us. We were sooo thankful that they were able to come out and that they had safe travels. We were excited to be able to spend the holiday in our new city.

I prepared Thanksgiving day dinner and they arrived at our apartment by limo at 12:30pm. We enjoyed being able to eat in and talk a lot! We had butternut squash bisque, turkey stuffed with a wild mushroom dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread, pumpkin pie, and coconut pie. It was a lot of work and I am now so thankful for all that my grandmas have done in the past.

After dinner we strolled the city. On Friday the girls did a lot of shopping while the men watched football and kept the boys. Then we have dinner at the Daily Grill. Saturday was almost a repeat of Friday except that the girls took the twins shopping and the men went to a sports bar to watch the games. We then went to dinner at Elliott's on the pier. Sunday morning we went to CJ's for breakfast before they were off back to Tennessee. Although there flight was delayed 1 hour due to snow in St. Louis.

We had a great time! We are lucky to have such wonderful families and we are so thankful that they were able to join us for the holiday! We love you!

Oh yeah, we also exchanged Christmas presents while they were here! We got a lot of awesome stuff that was on our wishlist and we thank everyone for that! Hopefully, I will get the pictures off of mom's camera of us opening ours.

Davis got 2 video games, a harddrive, bike gloves, books, bike lock, socks, giftcards
I got my bag, coat, boots, klean kateen, scarf, apron, movie giftcard, bike gloves, chocolate covered strawberries...yum!
If I left anything out I am sorry, but we are so excited to have all of these presents!!!!!

This was the mess I made when blending the butternut squash bisque....I thought this only happened in movies, but no! I not only did it once, but I did it twice! Thank goodness the soup was good.

The table

Some of dinner


Wine and bread
Nolan and Jonas opening their tee pee tent

Their tee pee

Greg & Mom's T-bone (or TomTom GPS)

the girls in the market

the whole crew in the market

Me, Dave, and the boys

Poppy & his boys

Nolan loving my strawberry banana smoothie (you never get your own anything with kids)

Jonas drinking mom's chocolate milkshake

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tito said...

So what exactly happened with the butternut squash bisque? That just looks a mess, and the residue on the wall is hilarious.

And what games did Davis get? (Yes, I'm a nerd, this should be of no shock by now...)