Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

Davis and I decided we needed a Christmas tradition....we decided on the 12 days of Christmas. Our version entails that each of us receive a present everyday starting 12 days before Christmas day. So we started our gift giving this past Saturday. The idea was actually stimulated by Maggie, my childhood best friend. When we were growing up she would come to school with the coolest small gifts as part of her 12 days. So far we have accumulated the following:

Day 1: Davis = Magic Booster Set
Cindy = Knee High Socks

Day 2: Davis = Flask
Cindy = Hooks for Hanging Apron
Drawing Pad and Colored Pencils

Day 3: Davis = Planner
Cindy = Chicken Pot Pie

Day 4: Davis = Magic Booster Set
Cindy = Going to see Four Christmases

We will have to see what tomorrow brings!


J. Tyler Ellis said...

what a terrible day four gift Cindy. Not as bad as 'The day the earth stood still.' I haven't seen bad acting like that since the OC

Cindy Smith Benson said...

The OC as well as Four Christmases was awesome & you know it!