Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in Seattle

We had the most awesome day today...or at least I did. It snowed somewhere around 4 inches in the city today and it was absolutely beautiful! It was Beast's first snow so we took him out and enjoyed watching him experiment with snow for the first time. He did not like it because it was as tall as his lil legs and probably a little cold as well. I did get some great shots of stuff.

I also received great news....I passed the 3rd part of the CPA...yay! So Dave took me to the Four Seasons for lunch and it was delicious!

We also received a package from Dad & Barb that had all kinds of homemade goodies in it. Thanks again for the wonderful "happies"!

I love the winter and Christmas. Oh yea, the slopes now have 40 inches of real snow!!!! We are super excited!

My new jacket that I love...Thanks Mom & Greg

Holiday Party
Thanks Dad & Barb
It's a holder for my crochet hooks & it says Happy
Iris is getting more like a Christmas tree
My boys...being lazy on the snow day
Probably the cutest dog ever!
All the rest are snow pics...this is outside the market

He stayed warm in my coat

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