Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Some events in life are not in our hands. They are not to be determined by us. We have no control on the outcome. And most the time we don't understand why.

The cycle of life is a definite process. We come and we go. Most of us hope that we go much later than we came. Most of us hope for a fulfilling and happy life.

2008 has been a very trying year on my family as we have seen 3 very close relatives leave this life and enter into another.

Today marks the end of 2008 and my only hope is that 2009 brings more joy and less sorrow for my family. Please keep us in your prayers.

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Mom said...

we do hope and pray for a brighter and happier 2009. We have lost three very close family members in the past 5 months and this has been very hard emotionally! Cindy we love you, miss you, and thank you for your sweet comments.