Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wow, I have finally made it to the last post of our trip...Singapore

I should back up and tell you a little about our last night on the ship.  It was a memorable night for sure!  We went up to the Sky Bar (one of the only bars on the ship to stay open past 1am…this was super odd to all the young people on the ship and the only bar to have a dance floor and DJ at late hours) as they were doing last call and some of our friends were there so we stayed around to chat and hang out.  After last call, the bartender closed down her bar and the DJ stopped playing.  It was just the guests left finishing their drinks…or so that’s what the crew thought.  Next thing you know one of our friends was behind the bar…and what happens next makes the whole night a little crazy.  She found that the bartender did NOT, I repeat did NOT lock her liquor cabinet.  So there we are…our last night on the ship, in a bar that has been ‘closed’, with a somewhat unlimited supply of alcohol, and no one to bother us until the morning.  What do we?? and I use we loosely as Davis and I (especially me) tried to stay out of trouble.  We try to figure out the DJ equipment and get some music playing.  This only takes us about 5 minutes.  Then we decide that we need to turn off the lights because of course there are cameras and we do NOT want this party to be stopped!  We stay in this bar until 2 guys come in and start setting up tables for the morning’s disembarkation (possibly 4am).  They do NOT say a word to us so we take our party outside to Lawn club.  After getting in trouble for trying to make tents on the lawn with chairs and pool towels, Luke (one of the guys) decides we need to get in the pool.  The pools are clearly closed with netting and signs, however this does not stop us.  Next thing you know, of course we are getting in trouble because “the pool is closed”.  Luke says “I didn’t notice” and immediately gets in the hot tub.  Then we are told the hot tub is closed as well.  What next?  Try the indoor pool…again the ship police come to tell us the indoor pool is closed as well.  This takes us to 6:30am, breakfast is already being served and we were 15 minutes from docking in Singapore and we are EXHAUSTED!!  Time for a quick nap before disembarking.

Luke is still on the ship, that was not his last night!  I am not sure he will make it to Australia without getting kicked off.

 mic check

 lawn party

 pool doesn't look closed at all

We went to bed and our stateroom attendant woke us up at 9am to tell us that last call was just announced and we needed to get off the ship.  Needless to say, packing that morning, disembarking, and the taxi ride to our hotel were not the best experiences of our lives.  But what a night and a great story that will never be forgotten.  Upon arriving at the hotel, we ate quickly before hopping in bed until 7pm.  Yes, we semi-wasted a day in Singapore but it was much needed rest as we had plans with the crew of the ship to go out that night.  And going out in Singapore is CRAZY!!!
 hotel is Singapore was amazing
 light controls on the bedside table
 huge closet
 tv in the mirror for tubbin, loved this!

Our night out – We went back to the cruise terminal that night to pick up our favorite bartender for a night on the town.  We went to Clarke Quay and as we were walking around trying to pick a bar because the street is lined with 1 bar after another, we ran into more crew and sat down to have a drink with them.  Two words to describe Singapore’s night life…WILD and EXPENSIVE.  So the locals buy their own liquor and mixers and sit on the sidewalk before going clubbing.  A beer is $16, yes 1 beer!  After paying a ridiculous amount of money for 6 drinks, we went dancing and it was awesome!  I love dancing so I was stoked and Davis had an equally good time (he told me later that was the most fun dancing experience for him).  We shut down the club at 4:20am and headed back to the hotel to sleep…this takes us to 1pm the following day.

 ice cream sandwiches with colored bread

 push a button to order so the servers are not constantly bothering you...awesome
 locals drinking on the sidewalk
 when it starts raining, you stay seated and pull out umbrellas

 Chinatown was awesome, a great place to shop and see awesome temples.

The Flyer, or Singapore’s Ferris wheel, is the tallest in the world…of course you say, you shouldn’t expect anything else of us at this point!  And of course, we rode it.  Each gondola holds 28 people!  It was pretty awesome, we went at sunset so we saw the city and harbor during the day and night.  Crazy thing is you can go at 7:15 year round and it will be sunset because it is that close to the equator...concierge tip :)

The Food Centers were amazing!!  The food was delicious and so darn cheap.  We have a tendency of over ordering and our meals would still only be $15, and so yummy!

Sentosa Island – It is a Disney world island for free...the catch you pay for the rides.  It is definitely worth checking out and spending a day.  It is an interesting place, probably only need to do it once.  The coolest things we did while over there were luging and wave surfing.  funny video here... of another chick trying it out.  It was so much harder than it looked but I eventually got the hang of it, I did have a couple of tumbles that hurt.

Night Safari - Our last night, we went on the night safari. It is the world's first nocturnal zoo.  This is a must do...unlike traditional nocturnal houses, which reverse the day-night cycle of animals so they will be active by day, the Night Safari is an entire open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night. It is divided into eight geographical zones, which can be explored either on foot via three walking trails, or by tram.  However, since it is nighttime...my pictures did not turn out great so that kinda stinks.  But it was a good time and I would definitely go back.

 my only decent pictures...lions
 sloth bear
 So long Singapore...what an amazing trip!  I hope there will be several more of these!
Thank you Davis for 5 great years!