Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Pictures

Elizabeth, Sam, and, me
us again out for Freddo's bday
Freddo being a Beatle...Abbey Road
me and Beast in the Sculpture Park
Beast new toy Drake, the dragon
me & Dave in the park
Seattle sunset

Birthdays & Visitors

So this weekend was a great one! Friday night was a full night of relaxation and 24 (the show). Saturday night we celebrated Freddo's birthday with Seattle friends + Sam & Elizabeth. Sam graduated from the MBA program with Davis and Elizabeth is one of her friends who actually lives in Washington. It was a great night! We started at our apartment by playing games and then bar hopped in Belltown. We succeeded in our mission to make Freddo's birthday memorable. Sunday morning we all met back up at CJ's, a breakfast place. After breakfast we went to Freddo's to watch some March Madness and then headed to eat sushi....yum yum! After dinner we headed to Rocky Mtn Fudgery and bought 2 apples to share. We had the pecan bear caramel apple & the cheesecake caramel apple.....& they were delicious!

Our company is leaving out tomorrow :(
We have enjoyed having them and are looking forward to our next visitor.......Ray! He is coming the beginning of April.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Knoxville v Seattle
PEOPLESeattleKnoxvilleUnited States
Pop. Density6,9411,96480
Pop. Change3.39%4.86%5.88%
Median Age37.734.837.6
Household Size2.092.112.6
Male Population49.99%47.93%48.65%
Female Population50.01%52.07%51.35%
Married Population41.12%44.03%58.89%
Single Population58.88%55.97%41.11%

American Indian0.97%0.32%0.89%
HOUSINGSeattleKnoxvilleUnited States
Median Home Age494027
Median Home Cost$591,000$181,100$217,200
Home Appreciation1.47%2.56%9.80%
Homes Owned45.62%45.89%64.07%
Housing Vacant4.45%9.80%14.48%
Homes Rented50.61%43.61%21.45%
Property Tax Rate$10.83$9.43$13.28
CLIMATESeattleKnoxvilleUnited States
Rainfall (in.)35.949.636.6
Snowfall (in.)11025.2
Precipitation Days155109101
Sunny Days152204205
Avg. July High75.288.286.5
Avg. Jan. Low36.730.320.8
Comfort Index (higher=better)723844
UV Index2.64.64.3
Elevation ft.138011,062
EDUCATESeattleKnoxvilleUnited States
School Expend.$6,655$5,490$6,058
Pupil/Teacher Ratio19015.9
Students per Librarian533558907
Students per Counselor530657546
2 yr College Grad.6.57%4.92%8.22%
4 yr College Grad.30.07%15.23%15.16%
Graduate Degrees17.19%9.62%7.16%
High School Grads.88.50%78.73%79.62%
COSTLIVSeattleKnoxvilleUnited States
RELIGIONSeattleKnoxvilleUnited States
Percent Religious37.26%62.02%50.03%
Other Christian4.52%4.96%4.66%

Charlotte v Gulf Shores
PEOPLECharlotteGulf ShoresUnited States
Pop. Density2,60148080
Pop. Change16.58%74.74%5.88%
Median Age33.748.237.6
Household Size2.392.082.6
Male Population49.17%49.10%48.65%
Female Population50.83%50.90%51.35%
Married Population53.17%63.95%58.89%
Single Population46.83%36.05%41.11%

American Indian0.36%0.41%0.89%
HOUSINGCharlotteGulf ShoresUnited States
Median Home Age231727
Median Home Cost$253,600$549,000$217,200
Home Appreciation2.10%-0.18%9.80%
Homes Owned54.56%25.49%64.07%
Housing Vacant6.36%64.25%14.48%
Homes Rented38.94%9.88%21.45%
Property Tax Rate$10.47$3.06$13.28
CLIMATECharlotteGulf ShoresUnited States
Rainfall (in.)44.258.936.6
Snowfall (in.)3.9025.2
Precipitation Days11984101
Sunny Days218223205
Avg. July High88.388.986.5
Avg. Jan. Low34.146.920.8
Comfort Index (higher=better)352844
UV Index4.65.64.3
Elevation ft.774101,062
EDUCATECharlotteGulf ShoresUnited States
School Expend.$5,961$4,836$6,058
Pupil/Teacher Ratio151615.9
Students per Librarian685333907
Students per Counselor383419546
2 yr College Grad.6.47%6.78%8.22%
4 yr College Grad.26.04%19.99%15.16%
Graduate Degrees10.40%9.43%7.16%
High School Grads.84.58%90.90%79.62%
COSTLIVCharlotteGulf ShoresUnited States

In comparison to N. Myrtle Beach....Gulf Shores is almost the same although a bit higher cost of living.

All this information can be found on

Much Ado About Living

Since we have moved here there has been some discussion about where we will go next. This has been a legitimate discussion considering Davis & I had always planned on moving cities every so many years. Although we have come to realize that we love Seattle. We love the weather, the surroundings, the lakes, the mountains, and the city! In coming to this conclusion I have been trying to convert my family to Seattle lovers as well. & it's not working so well.....

Soooooo, I have decided to compare cities. I have spent quite a bit of time doing research on many cities. Mostly cities we were thinking about living in. Our conclusions have been that we wouldn't mind living in the Reno/Lake Tahoe/San Jose areas, Seattle/Vancouver area, or Savannah/Charleston area.

Here are some of the comparison facts that I have derived from the internet.

Seattle v Savannah
CLIMATESeattleSavannahUnited States
Rainfall (in.)35.948.836.6
Snowfall (in.)110.325.2
Precipitation Days155110101
Sunny Days152216205
Avg. July High75.291.586.5
Avg. Jan. Low36.738.920.8
Comfort Index (higher=better)723044
UV Index2.654.3
Elevation ft.13461,062
Seattle v South Lake Tahoe
CLIMATESeattleSouth Lake TahoeUnited States
Rainfall (in.)35.912.236.6
Snowfall (in.)1163.525.2
Precipitation Days15546101
Sunny Days152249205
Avg. July High75.279.286.5
Avg. Jan. Low36.716.420.8
Comfort Index (higher=better)727444
UV Index2.64.84.3
Elevation ft.136,2531,062

Seattle v Savannah
HOUSINGSeattleSavannahUnited States
Median Home Age494327
Median Home Cost$591,000$214,500$217,200
Home Appreciation1.47%-4.54%9.80%
Homes Owned45.62%44.21%64.07%
Housing Vacant4.45%10.74%14.48%
Homes Rented50.61%44.95%21.45%
Property Tax Rate$10.83$13.87$13.28
Seattle v South Lake Tahoe
HOUSINGSeattleSouth Lake TahoeUnited States
Median Home Age493427
Median Home Cost$591,000$575,000$217,200
Home Appreciation1.47%-2.38%9.80%
Homes Owned45.62%28.95%64.07%
Housing Vacant4.45%33.56%14.48%
Homes Rented50.61%37.98%21.45%
Property Tax Rate$10.83$8.90$13.28

Seattle v Savannah
EDUCATESeattleSavannahUnited States
School Expend.$6,655$5,679$6,058
Pupil/Teacher Ratio191715.9
Students per Librarian533390907
Students per Counselor530453546
2 yr College Grad.6.57%4.74%8.22%
4 yr College Grad.30.07%13.43%15.16%
Graduate Degrees17.19%6.80%7.16%
High School Grads.88.50%75.71%79.62%
Seattle v South Lake Tahoe
EDUCATESeattleSouth Lake TahoeUnited States
School Expend.$6,655$5,066$6,058
Pupil/Teacher Ratio192015.9
Students per Librarian5335559907
Students per Counselor530818546
2 yr College Grad.6.57%7.05%8.22%
4 yr College Grad.30.07%13.84%15.16%
Graduate Degrees17.19%4.78%7.16%
High School Grads.88.50%80.23%79.62%

Cost of Living:
Seattle v Savannah
COSTLIVSeattleSavannahUnited States
Seattle v South Lake Tahoe
COSTLIVSeattleSouth Lake TahoeUnited States

Seattle v Savannah
PEOPLESeattleSavannahUnited States
Pop. Density6,9411,71280
Pop. Change3.39%-2.75%5.88%
Median Age37.731.737.6
Household Size2.092.362.6
Male Population49.99%47.36%48.65%
Female Population50.01%52.64%51.35%
Married Population41.12%43.91%58.89%
Single Population58.88%56.09%41.11%

American Indian0.97%0.24%0.89%
Seattle v South Lake Tahoe
PEOPLESeattleSouth Lake TahoeUnited States
Pop. Density6,9412,36980
Pop. Change3.39%1.00%5.88%
Median Age37.734.637.6
Household Size2.092.512.6
Male Population49.99%51.61%48.65%
Female Population50.01%48.39%51.35%
Married Population41.12%48.59%58.89%
Single Population58.88%51.41%41.11%

Monday, March 16, 2009

WA Driver

Most of you know that Davis has had an incredibly hard time trying to obtain a WA driver's license. He took his written part a long time ago....I think in January. After he passed the written part they told him he had to schedule an appointment for the driving part. He schedule an appointment for their first available day which was 3 weeks out. When the date arrived he was out of town....this same process happened 3 times. He finally had a date that was going to work last week because he didn't travel. He took the driving part & FAILED! This is kinda of funny because Davis is like the most law obedient driver I know. He was sooo mad because he had to make yet another appointment, but this time it was for only 2 weeks out so hopefully he will have a license in 2 weeks :)

This past weekend we went snowboarding. It was great snow! We had never boarded in sooo much powder. It was the easiest thing ever & I am pretty sure we both picked up some bad habits! It snowed the entire time we were on the mountain. It was a great day and we fully enjoy being so close to the slopes!

Saturday night we went out with friends. We kicked off the evening at our apartment playing games and then headed to an Irish pub for festivities of St Patty's Day! We enjoyed Irish music & even danced a little. After the pub closed, we went to Beth's which is like a family owned Waffle House with unlimited hash browns...yum yum!

Sunday was a lazy day because Saturday night was a late night although we did manage to fit our 7 mile run in after a long Sunday afternoon nap!

Today is Freddo's birthday! He is our best friend here and of course like all of the rest of them...he is from Michigan.

Happy Birthday Freddo!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Won!

So I have never won anything in my life and I guess I still haven't, but what's Davis's is mine so technically I did yesterday. Davis found out yesterday that he won a 52' plasma Samsung TV....yay! He was so excited and although we don't really have room for it now... we are going to keep it for our next move. So for now it is going into our bedroom which will be pretty awesome if you ask me. I love watching TV in bed!!!!

In other news, Beast got a new toy this weekend. I will post pictures sometime soon. We went to breakfast Sunday as usual and on the walk home we stopped in a new dog store. We bought Beast a dragon and named him Drake! He is super cute and Beast absolutely loves him! He also received new samples of dogfood. Right now he is enjoying a bag of lamb & wild rice...yum yum!

Tonight we are going to the movies to see The Watchman. It's dollar popcorn favorite night to go!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Address

Our new address is:
84 Union St
Apt 305
Seattle, WA 98101

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Weekend.

So this past week was a normal week. Not much exciting happened. It did snow Wednesday night, but not much (which was a good thing because one snow a season is good enough for me!)

We started moving our things Thursday to our new apartment (which we LOVE). Davis and Perry, our maintenance man, moved all of the furniture except for the bed & mattress. That night we I got off of work Davis & I moved the mattress. We slept on the floor Thursday night in our new apartment. We continued moving stuff on Friday and pretty much had everything moved by Friday night. Friday night I cooked dinner and we had Freddo, our good friend, over to eat. Then we played games and went out for a midnight snack (Gorgonzola fries & pizza)! yum yum!

Saturday was Vivian's birthday party. She was born last year (leap year) on Feb 29 so she is a special one. Her party was great. She loved our gift because she loves balls. We got her the Playskool ball popper machine.

Today we slept in & then went to the old apartment for cleaning. We are completely done with the old apartment! (except for the armoire which we left because we are selling it).

Here are some pictures of Vivian & New Apartment
Our present...I was proud of mine & Davis's drawing (the airplane making the from Cindy & Davis in the sky)


Not really sure what to think...she definitely liked the milk better than the cupcake
she hated the birthday hat
her & her dad opening presents
present from her parents...a soccer ball
me & Viv

Dave's closet...I love our closets
the bathroom
galley kitchen

living space
Beast being lazy
bedroom doors
beginning the move