Monday, March 16, 2009

WA Driver

Most of you know that Davis has had an incredibly hard time trying to obtain a WA driver's license. He took his written part a long time ago....I think in January. After he passed the written part they told him he had to schedule an appointment for the driving part. He schedule an appointment for their first available day which was 3 weeks out. When the date arrived he was out of town....this same process happened 3 times. He finally had a date that was going to work last week because he didn't travel. He took the driving part & FAILED! This is kinda of funny because Davis is like the most law obedient driver I know. He was sooo mad because he had to make yet another appointment, but this time it was for only 2 weeks out so hopefully he will have a license in 2 weeks :)

This past weekend we went snowboarding. It was great snow! We had never boarded in sooo much powder. It was the easiest thing ever & I am pretty sure we both picked up some bad habits! It snowed the entire time we were on the mountain. It was a great day and we fully enjoy being so close to the slopes!

Saturday night we went out with friends. We kicked off the evening at our apartment playing games and then headed to an Irish pub for festivities of St Patty's Day! We enjoyed Irish music & even danced a little. After the pub closed, we went to Beth's which is like a family owned Waffle House with unlimited hash browns...yum yum!

Sunday was a lazy day because Saturday night was a late night although we did manage to fit our 7 mile run in after a long Sunday afternoon nap!

Today is Freddo's birthday! He is our best friend here and of course like all of the rest of them...he is from Michigan.

Happy Birthday Freddo!

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