Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthdays & Visitors

So this weekend was a great one! Friday night was a full night of relaxation and 24 (the show). Saturday night we celebrated Freddo's birthday with Seattle friends + Sam & Elizabeth. Sam graduated from the MBA program with Davis and Elizabeth is one of her friends who actually lives in Washington. It was a great night! We started at our apartment by playing games and then bar hopped in Belltown. We succeeded in our mission to make Freddo's birthday memorable. Sunday morning we all met back up at CJ's, a breakfast place. After breakfast we went to Freddo's to watch some March Madness and then headed to eat sushi....yum yum! After dinner we headed to Rocky Mtn Fudgery and bought 2 apples to share. We had the pecan bear caramel apple & the cheesecake caramel apple.....& they were delicious!

Our company is leaving out tomorrow :(
We have enjoyed having them and are looking forward to our next visitor.......Ray! He is coming the beginning of April.

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