Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Won!

So I have never won anything in my life and I guess I still haven't, but what's Davis's is mine so technically I did yesterday. Davis found out yesterday that he won a 52' plasma Samsung TV....yay! He was so excited and although we don't really have room for it now... we are going to keep it for our next move. So for now it is going into our bedroom which will be pretty awesome if you ask me. I love watching TV in bed!!!!

In other news, Beast got a new toy this weekend. I will post pictures sometime soon. We went to breakfast Sunday as usual and on the walk home we stopped in a new dog store. We bought Beast a dragon and named him Drake! He is super cute and Beast absolutely loves him! He also received new samples of dogfood. Right now he is enjoying a bag of lamb & wild rice...yum yum!

Tonight we are going to the movies to see The Watchman. It's dollar popcorn night..my favorite night to go!

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Dwayne said...

how did Davis win it????