Sunday, March 28, 2010

Housewarming Party

After months of hard work we finally had our housewarming party today and it was great! We couldn't ask for better friends! We had 21 people show!! We did get to meet a lot of our neighbors which was a definite plus for us. We had tons to eat and drink and received some awesome wines and beverages in return, thanks everyone! We also received a plant, yay....hopefully this one will live! and also received some Froot Loops, someone knows us a little too well, maybe?

All in all it was a great time and I am glad we were able to show off our hard work and enjoy with those that matter the most :) I didn't take many pictures because we were so busy, but as always it turned into game night in the end so I do have a few that I will post eventually! I will definitely try to get some up soon of our place.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Red Rice with Sausage and Peppers

This was a great meal so I wanted to share.

1 Tbsp olive oil
12 oz smoked sausage
1 medium onion
2 garlic cloves
1 red bell pepper
1 celery stalk (we used 2)
salt and pepper
1 can diced tomatoes
2 cups white rice

In large skillet, heat oil over med-high. Add sausage and cook until crispy approx 8 min. Add onion, garlic, pepper, and celery; season with salt and pepper. Cook approx 8 min until celery is tender. Add tomatoes until slightly thickened, 3 min. Add rice and cook until warm if rice is not warm at this point.

I didn't take a picture, but it was YUM YUM!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For the Computer Illiterate

I decided to post the address for my Etsy page for those readers who only read in email updates or don't know how to use links!

Etsy Page

Etsy is a website where you can sell/buy homemade or antique items. I love this site well because I love homemade and antique stuff! So it came by no surprise that I should list my homemade items on the site and see how well I would do selling my own creations! For years I have dreamed of being a designer and now there is a simple way to create and sell my own designs without having to be known first or have worked in the real world.

This is the link to my storefront on Etsy. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tot's Engaged

So this weekend was a huge weekend for my best friend, college roommate, maid of honor Tot. She got engaged to her boyfriend, Brian, of forever. They are moving from Phoenix to Alabama for Brian to go to med school starting July sooooo.....their wedding is July 3rd, yes of 2010! In one respect it will be nice because they only have to think about planning for 3.5 months, but it will be a stressful time.

I am super excited for them. I am the matron of honor and I am super pumped about planning this Bachelorette party!! It will be one to remember.
my bachelorette party
bachelorette limo - me and Tot on the right
us after the GA game
us at my wedding

I love you Tot and I am super excited for you and Brian. I hope we get to spend a lot of time together pre-wedding!

St Patty's Party

Since St Patty's Day was Wednesday we decided to have a post St Patty party on Friday at the Gupta's. It was all themed....we started with Irish Stew for dinner with Corned Beef, then we had green frosted cupcakes (I think Davis was the cupcake champion of the night by eating 6 cupcakes), he amazes me sometimes! We also had Irish whiskey and of course most everyone wore green. It was a blast as always, Thanks to the Guptas for hosting!

Saturday Freddo, Nisha, and Sushil came over to our place for a movie night in and we watched "The 4th Kind", it is a scary alien movie. It was actually pretty decent!
Jenny, Farah, me, and Nisha
Davis, I love that something was soo funny that we have the same picture of both of him and Freddo with their hands covering their faces
again something hilarious
Emily and Ali
Davis dancing
Nish dancing
Sushil's like 10th attempt to take a picture of us and it still didn't work

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am pretty terrible at posting recipes as I make them, but I do want to share some ideas...

I make homemade pizzas regularly and recently read an article that an easier/healthier way to make pizzas is to make them on tortilla shells and let me tell you they are WONDERFUL. We love pizzas and these are delicious! and so much easier, it saves sooo much time.

We like to load ours with everything. Tonight we had them with artichoke, banana peppers, mushrooms, onion. On Sunday we had them with onion, turkey sausage, peppers, tomatoes. YUM YUM!!!

Another recipe I tried recently was out of Real Simple. It is Red Curry Chicken, of course ours was Red Curry Tofu, but it was also amazingly delectable!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, and more Birthdays!

This weekend was a weekend of birthdays! It was Farah's birthday March 8th, which was also Tosha's birthday (my bestest friend). And Freddo's birthday was yesterday sooooo this past weekend we celebrated both with dinner and bars. We ate at a speakeasy Italian place on Friday which was pretty good, not a favorite of ours but we love trying new places! After dinner we hit the bars or bar because there were way too many of us to travel to bars....I think we had something like 20 people. After 6 arms (or 2 thumbs as I call it) we went to Beth's which is our favorite diner at 2am when the bars close. They have the best hashbrowns and they are endless :) Much deserved after our 1st week of P90X!! Yes, that is correct we finished our 1st week of our extreme workout series. It wasn't all that bad or at least I didn't think so, Davis might have a different story, but he doesn't blog so you will never hear it......BUT I did hear a lot of moaning and groaning over the past week about reaching his arms above his head and having to bend over so I think the workout is doing a number on him.

Saturday we had sushi with Freddo and Lindsay and then played games at Freddo's before hitting up ZigZag, a famous bar in Seattle, with Carolina and Andres. and on Sunday we rested! Much needed day of rest.

Emily and Ali
I love this picture because apparently no one wanted in it!
the most AWESOME people ever!
trying to take a timed picture, not very good
the birthday peeps blowing out the candles
dinner with great friends!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tyler, Hair, and P90X

Tyler stopped by Seattle on his way back to Juneau and spent the night with us. It was great to see him, I miss him tons! He was here a whole 10 hours so all we did was talk and sleep, but it was nice to see a familiar face especially one that I love!

In other news we have started a new work-out plan called P90X. It is an intense 6 day a week for 3 months work-out. I will post before and after pictures after the 90 days are over...I think we end June 6th. Since we have started working out again, Davis decided it was time for his hair to go so we shaved it this past weekend.

Dave's hair in the sink
while butchering it with scissors
Belle's before picture

Saturday, March 6, 2010


My new awesome shoes! TOMS are shoes that are not only a gift to your feet, but are a gift to someone else's feet. Every time a pair of TOMS are bought the company sends a pair to a child in need, what a deal! So somewhere around the same day I received mine, a child received a pair too. 2 pairs for the price of 1 and they are extremely comfortable and cute!

Here is a link to their site....TOMS

Wallbed Extravaganza

Thursday was the BIG day! It was the day we have all been waiting for, well at least Davis and me! It was wall bed installation day. The guys were pros and installed it in no time and it looks awesome! It saves us so much space and is super easy to pull down and up, we love it!

Before Wall Bed

being installed
Look at the awesomeness of this "bedroom in a box"
new dog toy bin I painted last weekend, also notice the flower vase (a piece of home in Seattle)
we have sooo much more room

living room is huge now that we have put our couches together

New Sewing Project Complete

Now that our home is almost done and Davis isn't slave driving me to do something every minute of every day, I have time to sew fun things again (not pillows, curtains, and rugs)! next project was a skirt and it is now completed and beautiful!
back, it is kinda hard to see but the back is longer than the front

Thank you Mom and Greg for my awesome dress form, I love her. Her name is Roxy, Davis wouldn't let name her Suzie Q, but that is her secret name!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We get the prettiest sunsets all the time (esp in the summer) and yet I can't stop taking pictures although I have a million. Every time it is beautiful and I feel the need to capture it although there will be another. The pictures do not do it justice, but they will suffice as you are not here to see the real thing!