Thursday, April 30, 2009

The TV is HERE

Yesterday we finally received the TV that Davis won. It is massive. Davis of course was super excited and spent all day trying to get things set-up. We are going to mount it on our bedroom wall (but it is not done yet). I will post pictures when it is all done.

The bottom one is the new one!

Since the last post....we haven't done a whole lot.

Last weekend we took Carly out for her birthday. She turned the BIG 21. We went to a couple chill bars and did a lot of talking! Sunday we ran and laid out on the roof.

This week I have worked quite a bit and Davis has been at home. Davis starts traveling again next week. He is going to Denver for 3 days.

We don't have any significant plans for this weekend, although I am sure we will spend lots of time outside because it is going to be beautiful!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Pictures of the Show

This is for mom....Not sure if anyone else really cares to see extra pictures, but here they are.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My sister and I were talking today about books that we have read that are worth reading so I decided to share with everyone.

I am a huge fan of romantic comedies and love stories so if you are not into that kind of thing then you will probably hate all of my recommendations.

Nicholas Sparks:
At First Sight
True Believer (this one follows the previous one)
The Choice
Nights in Rodanthe
Dear John

Kate Jacobs:
The Friday Night Knitting Club (she wrote a second one, Knit Two, but I haven't been able to check it out yet)
Comfort Food

Stephenie Meyer:
Twilight (there are 3 other books in this series, haven't read yet)

Emily Giffin:
Something Borrowed
Something Blue (this one follows the previous one)
Baby Proof
Love the One You Are With

keep in mind that by using the local library you are helping to save the environment!

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Doings

This weekend was quite eventful for us. On Friday, Davis and I took Beast to the dog park (next time I will take pictures of him playing/following all the big dogs around). Then I ran several errands. We ordered Chinese delivery for dinner and watched Deception while eating. It was a great night in.

Saturday I was in a fashion show for Seattle Fashion Week. The call time was 10am and the show didn't start until 8:30pm (so yes I sat around and did a lot of reading). I am currently reading Twlight (Davis bought it for me on his last trip)! Davis came to the show and everything went smoothly. Davis was able to take some pictures, but they are not the best so as soon as I have better ones...I will post them or a link to them.

me on the runway

after party hot chocolate at Beth's Cafe...our favorite night time snack
Davis and I at the show
my hair or (the fake hair) that was used for the show

Today, Davis and I ran 13 miles (this is the furthest we have ran in our training) so we treated ourselves to Cold Stone ice cream...yummy!

Here are some random other pictures from the show....

This is a Blayne Walsh design.....he was on project runway

Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthdays in April

So today is another one of the many birthdays in April......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! I hope you have a wonderful day without me. You could have been in Seattle right now, but you chose not to. I love you!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families. We missed being home and seeing everyone! Love you all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Day On The Slopes

not on the slopes, but a great picture Ray made while in town
Ray jumping without a jump
we had someone else with us for once that could take our picture :)
Davis & Ray
A view
Davis Jumping



April is a month of many birthdays! Today just so happens to be one of the many.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARB! Hope you had a wonderful day. Dave & I are sad we missed dinner!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beast New Hair Do

Beast got his first official hair cut this past week. He has always just been trimmed, not cut. He looks quite a bit different to us. We did this for a number of reasons..he would pee on his hair when he would hike his leg, his hair held the outdoor smell too well, he would lose hair around the apartment, and it's just easy this way. Here are some pictures of our boy!

Beast before the hair cut
Dad brushing him
Mom & Beast napping
Beast being Beast
The short haired cutie
He loves our windows
He is so cute!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ray is in town!

Ray, one of Davis' groomsmen, is in town for the weekend. He landed last night and is leaving Sunday morning. Today I had to work, but Davis and Ray took Beast to the dog park and went to the market. They picked up some fresh Alaskan halibut at the market and prepared it for dinner. It was absolutely delicious!!! It's so awesome living so close to the market. I should have taken a picture of it....oops! Anyway, it was baked with a mixture of sour cream, salt, pepper, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, and bread crumbs as a topping. Tomorrow I have to work in the morning and then I will enjoy the rest of the day with the boys. Saturday we are going snowboarding in the morning and then the boys are taking in a Seattle Sounders soccer game while I study.

We were also informed this week that our next known visitor is going to be Tito, an usher from the wedding. He will be here late May. We love visitors!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seattle is TOO cold

This is what I keep hearing from my mother and sister, but if is accurate I do believe it is 25 degrees warmer in Seattle today!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I feel like the blog needs an update

It has been some time since I last updated so I figured I would write a lil note. Not much has been going on here. I did have 3 interviews with the same company last week only to find out today that they are pursuing someone else (an internally referree). One day I will get a job!

In other news, Davis and I ran 10 miles this past weekend. That was our longest run yet in training and it went great. We even ran it in the Seattle rain! Since we exhausted ourselves running, we were pretty lazy the rest of the weekend. Although we did go to Costco on Sunday and stock up on groceries because we were running low/out of everything!

Last night we went to the movies because it was Tuesday (dollar popcorn night at Regal Cinemas). We love Tuesday movie nights. We saw The Haunting in Connecticut (Davis loves scary movies). It was good and the popcorn was delicious!

I have almost finished another book....Eat, Pray, Love. It is a great book for all personalities. It just makes mine a little more free-willed than it already was.....not so sure that's a good thing, but I consider it so!