Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Doings

This weekend was quite eventful for us. On Friday, Davis and I took Beast to the dog park (next time I will take pictures of him playing/following all the big dogs around). Then I ran several errands. We ordered Chinese delivery for dinner and watched Deception while eating. It was a great night in.

Saturday I was in a fashion show for Seattle Fashion Week. The call time was 10am and the show didn't start until 8:30pm (so yes I sat around and did a lot of reading). I am currently reading Twlight (Davis bought it for me on his last trip)! Davis came to the show and everything went smoothly. Davis was able to take some pictures, but they are not the best so as soon as I have better ones...I will post them or a link to them.

me on the runway

after party hot chocolate at Beth's Cafe...our favorite night time snack
Davis and I at the show
my hair or (the fake hair) that was used for the show

Today, Davis and I ran 13 miles (this is the furthest we have ran in our training) so we treated ourselves to Cold Stone ice cream...yummy!

Here are some random other pictures from the show....

This is a Blayne Walsh design.....he was on project runway

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