Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Day with Viv

For Christmas, Davis and I took Viv to the Pacific Science Center. Here is a compilation of our day.....enjoy :)

Viv loved sharing her crackers with Beast and Belle

Where did she go?
There she where did those dogs go?

I think she likes "that silly Davis"
pretty girl
love her!

Friday, January 28, 2011

First Baby Piece

Loule will officially get it's first baby piece posted this weekend but for my get a sneak peak, enjoy! If you don't know what Loule is, click on the button to the right and "Like" Loule on Facebook or go click here Loule.

This is (I think because I don't have kids and need to call my sister to measure my niece) a 0-3 month dress but possible a 3-6 month with ribbon detail across the top and a zipper in the back.

Where's Cindy

In Seattle....Last night Hazel Grace, Duncan (their dog), and I went for a run along the water and this was our view!! Who's coming to visit?!?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guess Where?

I had no idea this was going to be a series but guess where Viv is?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

The 90s

In other news....

We are hosting an I love the 90s themed party this Saturday. I have tons of ideas but I would love for all readers to comment on what they think about when they think 90s?!?

Any thoughts are welcomed, here are some things to think about.....
Favorite Song

Busy Bees

I know I know, I am not the greatest blogger anymore. I have definitely found it difficult to post at least one a week much less more than that and I really don't want to be the once a week blogger BUT it's how things are happening so.....I will just keep trying :)

This weekend was a great one. Friday night we kicked off the weekend with a going away party for Davis and Bee(one of his co-workers at Deloitte). It was great to get to spend time with some of the Deloitte gang as we don't see them that often due to the fact that Davis travels and works from home. After having some drinks with them, we headed to the movies to see No Strings Attached and I thought it was really good BUT (warning...) I think almost all romcoms are great soooo take my movie advise with a grain of salt. After lots of popcorn and Mr. Pibb we walked home in the rain, a typical Seattle evening.

Saturday morning we enjoyed brunch at Toulouse Petit. We split a side of fried green tomatoes, I had the creole shrimp and eggs with creamy grits, and Davis had the shrimp and chicken jambalaya. It was delicious! After accomplishing some pressing errands, I headed to Margaux's for a girls dunch. It was just as amazing as brunch...we had lentil soup, chicken with kale and beans, and a delicious truffle honey cheesecake.

Girls nights are always amazing, after eating the girls headed to Black Bottle for a night cap. I went and picked up Dave from a friend's and took him to Black Bottle with me. We enjoyed more conversation with the girls before heading home and hitting the hay.

Davis flew out Sunday at 7am, poor guy. I am sure he slept great last night!

This is his first week traveling at his new job!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have added a new widget to our homepage, it will take you to my new facebook page. This is a page dedicated to my brand, Loule. I would love for you to go "Like" my page and browse my very small collection on Etsy.

I will soon add a direct link to my Etsy page so those of you without facebook can go directly to Loule's Etsy page.

I also hope to add more to the collection this weekend so keep your eyes peeled!!

Thanks in advance for the support ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Going On

Last Saturday we went snowboarding and I didn't take my camera for once so no pictures, but don't fret I am sure we will probably be back on the slopes this weekend. After coming off the mountain, we took our dogs to a play date class for small dogs. Since being attacked over a year ago, Belle still does not like bigger dogs so we thought small dog play time would be just GREAT for her. And I think it went well beyond both of our expectations, she did great. She actually left our feet and smelled other dogs.....and she actually played!!! This was a HUGE step for her.

Sunday we played ultimate frisbee in the snow, that's dedication or just ignorance (we had no clue it was suppose to snow)! Of course it didn't last 2 hours before it was all gone.

Another week passing......

This weekend..... we hung out with friends over coffee, we played games, ran errands (took lots to goodwill), bought a mattress (it gets delivered Tuesday and I am sooo excited!!), and took Viv to the Pacific Science Center (pictures to follow).

Today is......

Davis first day at his new job!!


Gregory's birthday, Happy Birthday Greg! We hope it's a great one. Can't wait to celebrate with you this summer!! Love and miss you ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

JapaNew Year

Every year fireworks are shot off of the Space Needle in NYE and we have yet to see this since we have moved to would think why how is this possible considering you live right next to the Needle?!?

The first NYE spent in Seattle we were both miserably sick...I am not even sure I was awake at midnight (I think this might have been the first time in my adult life). Needless to say, it was not a grand first NYE in Seattle. Last year we went to a restaurant with live music with some friends. It was a good night.

I kept hearing from people that the Space Needle fireworks were amazing so I told Davis no matter what we did this year we had to be able to see the fireworks...this is not a hard task as we can see them from our roof! Things worked out perfectly because our neighbors hosted a Japanese themed NYE party at their place and we watched the fireworks from the warmth of their home. The fireworks were great and I am not that into fireworks, but I was impressed. We have a video that one day I might share with you.

This themed party included sake, sushi, and of course karaoke. We had a blast, I think Davis could have sang all night!!

Davis, the ninja...he even made his own nun chucks, that's impressive for someone who's not all that handy
me as a harajuku girl, I don't think anything I am wearing matches
Champagne tasting
announcing the winner...if anyone is interested the most expensive champagne was voted last place
breaking it down

Monday, January 3, 2011

White Christmas Part 2

Mandy's apron that I made her
Naked boy
reading a new book
Mom also received a new book, I think she liked it :)

We drove 3 hours at 12am Christmas morning to Davis' parents house in clear conditions only to sleep and wake up to this....

We had dinner with Ma & Pa on Christmas
after having a HUGE and wonderful brunch at Nona' and the brother-in-law
Davis' parents dog, Precious.

After many presents, good food, and quality family time we headed to Chattanooga for some quality friend time! It's always nice to get the college crew back together, I miss all of them very much!
Tot and Dave
Cheers! Tot, me, Daniel, Dave, and Tyler
Tyler, Tot, and me
The whole crew after dinner...I won't name everyone!
Me and Teeler

The next day mom and Greg met us in Chattanooga for a Cracker Barrel lunch and sad "until next time". It always sad leaving my parentals as they are so awesome! I hope my kids will feel the same way :)
us at CB before the tears

Our Christmas to each other was patiently waiting on us when we returned home and it was yet another round of amazing gifts. Thanks Davis for everything, you are truly my best friend!
Dave in his first rain coat... yes we have been in Seattle for 2.5 years and he has yet to own a rain jacket.
new jammies and stockpot
rain shoes

I want to thank everyone who made this Christmas amazing. Thank you for all the gifts, the food, the rides to and from the airport, the use of a car, and most importantly the love! You all are the best and we definitely miss you all ;)

White Christmas

This was the first year since we moved to Seattle that we have gone back to TN for the holidays and it was a great one!! We are so busy every time we go home and the holidays just added to it, but it was sooo worth every minute of lost sleep. I love seeing everyone and the holidays allow us to see more people in a very short time.

Our agenda was as follows:
Wednesday - landed, Dad and Barb picked us up at the airport (thank you) and we had dinner on the way home.....the twins stayed all night with us at Mimi's house

Thursday - Mimi and I took the boys to see Yogi bear
before we left home
all the boys wearing hoodies
the boys eating their popcorn and watching the movie

Thursday night - We had dinner at my Aunt Becky's with dad's side of the family. We then hung out with my high school friends, it was so great to be able to get them together and catch up with all of them!!High School Friends, love em'
Dad and miss priss
memaw and her great granddaughter
sis, me, and bro
me and my boys

Friday - Christmas Eve

We started at Dad's house at 10am, then continued to celebrate at Mom' was an awesome all day event!!

making brownies
lovin on my girl
the boys with the Chief

Where's Uncle Davis?!?

White Christmas Part 2 coming soon.....