Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Going On

Last Saturday we went snowboarding and I didn't take my camera for once so no pictures, but don't fret I am sure we will probably be back on the slopes this weekend. After coming off the mountain, we took our dogs to a play date class for small dogs. Since being attacked over a year ago, Belle still does not like bigger dogs so we thought small dog play time would be just GREAT for her. And I think it went well beyond both of our expectations, she did great. She actually left our feet and smelled other dogs.....and she actually played!!! This was a HUGE step for her.

Sunday we played ultimate frisbee in the snow, that's dedication or just ignorance (we had no clue it was suppose to snow)! Of course it didn't last 2 hours before it was all gone.

Another week passing......

This weekend..... we hung out with friends over coffee, we played games, ran errands (took lots to goodwill), bought a mattress (it gets delivered Tuesday and I am sooo excited!!), and took Viv to the Pacific Science Center (pictures to follow).

Today is......

Davis first day at his new job!!


Gregory's birthday, Happy Birthday Greg! We hope it's a great one. Can't wait to celebrate with you this summer!! Love and miss you ;)

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