Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy Bees

I know I know, I am not the greatest blogger anymore. I have definitely found it difficult to post at least one a week much less more than that and I really don't want to be the once a week blogger BUT it's how things are happening so.....I will just keep trying :)

This weekend was a great one. Friday night we kicked off the weekend with a going away party for Davis and Bee(one of his co-workers at Deloitte). It was great to get to spend time with some of the Deloitte gang as we don't see them that often due to the fact that Davis travels and works from home. After having some drinks with them, we headed to the movies to see No Strings Attached and I thought it was really good BUT (warning...) I think almost all romcoms are great soooo take my movie advise with a grain of salt. After lots of popcorn and Mr. Pibb we walked home in the rain, a typical Seattle evening.

Saturday morning we enjoyed brunch at Toulouse Petit. We split a side of fried green tomatoes, I had the creole shrimp and eggs with creamy grits, and Davis had the shrimp and chicken jambalaya. It was delicious! After accomplishing some pressing errands, I headed to Margaux's for a girls dunch. It was just as amazing as brunch...we had lentil soup, chicken with kale and beans, and a delicious truffle honey cheesecake.

Girls nights are always amazing, after eating the girls headed to Black Bottle for a night cap. I went and picked up Dave from a friend's and took him to Black Bottle with me. We enjoyed more conversation with the girls before heading home and hitting the hay.

Davis flew out Sunday at 7am, poor guy. I am sure he slept great last night!

This is his first week traveling at his new job!

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