Sunday, December 19, 2010

Flying Trapeze

Apparently there are only 5 cities in the states with indoor trapeze and Seattle just so happens to be 1 of the 5! Saturday Davis and I decided to try it out and it was such a rush!! I was a nervous wreck, I am not the greatest with heights but I had a blast!

Dave no hands

warm up

My release

Davis release

Game Night

Because it's been forever and Ankur was in town we had a game night! And it was a great and extremely long night....I think I got to bed at 5am so I had almost been awake for 24 nights are sooo much harder with a FT job. I did take a 3 hour nap today ;0

Ankur and Dave
Mary and me
Nish needed a nap
sausage balls and Doritos, I think yes! Nish says
post shot
cheers to us

Girls Night

Girls night is awesome every week but I don't always take my camera because I am sure you guys would get tired of the same pictures, but 2 weeks ago instead of having girls night in...we had girls night out. HG had $150 in gift cards to Black Bottle and we used every bit of them, it was delicious and soooo much food. Thanks so much HG for sharing the gift cards with us girls and letting us have a free girls night out :)

chocolate cake with ice cream in the middle
oysters, flatbreads, veggies, fried chicken, steak, wine...yum!

Dogs & Christmas

Davis' mom sent the dogs a package this week and since we will not be here on Christmas, they got to open it early. And boy did they love their new squeaky toys!!! This picture Beast has the new Santa and Belle is following in half her new outfit....they also got a snowman but for some reason they always want what the other has so they pretty much only play with one at a time!

Beast in his fancy outfit, I love the tie!
Belle, as Mrs. Claus

Jingle Bell 5K

Last Sunday morning we participated in the Jingle Bell 5K with some of my girlfriends and had brunch after at Alli's. Yes, this was the weekend that Seattle had a torrential downpour and was flooding and yes we ran in it! Although we were soaked it was good to get out and do it...and it was for a great cause, arthritis.

Davis was only willing to get up and run in the rain because brunch was on the other side :)

me, Dave, Molly, Margaux, Allison, and Adam soaked

HG's Holiday Party

Last weekend was Hazel Grace and Jed's holiday party and it was a blast. Davis got to meet all my girl friends and we both were able to meet new people as well. I went down to HG's early to help prepare food and decorate....this is how everything turned out.

I will post pictures of us as soon as someone else does on facebook because Davis left early with my camera!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Holidays

This is such a busy time so this post will not include pictures but will update you a little on what's going on in our lives.

Tonight we are going to HG's holiday party.

Tomorrow morning we are running the Jingle Bell 5K with all the girls and then having brunch afterwards at Alli's. Tomorrow night is the homeowner's holiday party for the building.

I will post pictures ASAP!

This is mine and Davis' last full work week in 2010 :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15 days

This is the amount of days that will pass before we are in TN. In 15 short days I will get to see my family and I can't wait! This will be our first Christmas back in TN and it makes me giddy thinking about it....I only wish I could stay longer :)

I hope everyone gets to be with their family, it truly makes a difference.