Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seattle's New Record

Today Seattle set an all time record......of 102 degrees! It is miserable here, only 13% of Seattle's homes have air conditioning! & we are not in that 13% :(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation in Mexico

This past week we were in Puerto Morelos, a small city about 20 minutes south of Cancun, with the Benson's. We stayed at an all-inclusive, which was a first for me and Davis, and it was really nice. Both Davis and I gained a few 5+lbs, but it was well worth the all you can eat and drink for a week.

It was nice to get to see the family including Daniel and Kalie while vacationing! We pretty much did the same thing every day which included a VIP breakfast that was delicious, laying by the pool or the beach in the shade and drinking, eating lunch, laying back in the shade, eating dinner, and then playing games! We had a great time.

We made up for the terrible trip down there of having to pit-stop in Austin and then staying the night in the Dallas airport only to have to make an extra flight to Miami before arriving in Cancun, by drinking and eating a ton!
Leaving Seattle
Our lovely cots provided by DFW
Our internet station at DFW
We made it!
The Whole Benson crew
Our is HUGE
The In-Laws on the boat
The kiddos on the boat
Us.....Davis only packed one outfit for dinner every night! So there are many pictures of Davis and this outfit! He is such a guy sometimes!
Our bed on the beach. It was so nice to have a shaded area!
another night before dinner
playing games and drinking
me and the Japanese chef
the beach
me, Davis, and mom-in-law at dinner
the resort
flying next to Mt Rainer
Davis playing games, but I thought he looked like our pilot
In the states
The dogs in the laundry
Belle checking out the suitcaseBig Blue did make it, but ended up losing it's last peg leg! She did us proud!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's so hard to keep updated, but when you are stuck in an airport it seems to be easy

Since the 4th, we have done many things as always!

We have been laying out a lot on our roof trying to get a base tan for Mexico. Davis burns easily and did not want to ruin our vacation by frying the first day! We went and saw The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and it was great! I highly recommend it for any lovers of romantic comedies! Of course we went on Tuesday which is $1 popcorn night!

We have also had a few game nights that consisted of the girls dominating the guys in Cranium!

Currently, as the title of the post states, we are stuck in Dallas Fort Worth airport waiting to go to Cancun! We woke up at 6:30 this morning and caught a bus to the airport in Seattle. Our flight left at 9:40 and we were suppose to land in Dallas at 3:30ish and leave for Cancun at 4:45...considering it is 8:30 and we at still in Dallas things did not go as planned!

Dallas had bad weather and so our flight was diverted to Austin because we didn't have enough gas to circle! Lucky us because then we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours in Austin. We finally left there and landed in Dallas at 6 only to find out that our Cancun flight was canceled and since it was the weather's fault, American Airlines does not do anything for you. Hence, our sleeping in the airport tonight!

So not only did we not get to Cancun tonight, we missed our all-inclusive dinner with drinks, good weather, and all-inclusive breakfast and lunch tomorrow because the earliest flight tomorrow leaves at 9 am and has a lay over in Miami! At least Davis is getting airline miles :)

We are taking our lemon and making lemonade! We are going to play in the airport tonight. We have escalators, moving sidewalks, CNN, and playing cards! Davis and I can have a good time wherever we are! Lucky for us we are not traveling with babies or toddlers!!!!!

Hopefully we will be in Cancun tomorrow and at least have 6 days!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th Weekend

For the 4th we went to a friend of a friend's beach house in Manchester (a tiny town across the sound)! We had to ferry across and we had never ferried with a really wasn't much different besides it cost more!

We arrived at the house in time for lunch & there was a spread of food. In fact there was food laid out all day and night! It was the most food I think I have ever seen at once. We had sandwiches, pasta, BBQ, chili, hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, baked beans, tons of fruits and pasta salads. There were tons of drinks as well. As if this wasn't enough food, the boys decided they needed to deep fry so off to the store they went.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that there were at least 40 people there and at least 10 dogs!

They came back and deep-fried everything. Things I/they didn't know you could deep fry. We had sweet potatoes, onions, shrimp, oysters, scallops, pizza, bananas, snickers, almond joys, and mushrooms! That's right you can deep fry personal pan pizzas and SNICKERS! & it is actually pretty amazingly delicious with ice cream!

After all the eating we watched the boys shoot off something like 2 grand worth of fireworks...I know ridiculous! Davis and I headed back home after the fireworks because of our dogs, but most everyone else camped out there. We already can't wait for next years gathering!
Their view of downtown
This is the same view zoomed in
Their view looking South
Us hanging out in the shade
the deep fryer & sweet potatoes
the pizza....and lots of bananas for later
Chris is sooo proud of his work....this is the pizza
this is bananas and "chocolate goodness" which means we couldn't tell what was what
Davis and his girlie drink....the boys might have made a lot of fun of him
Davis eating and wearing the baby's, Reese's, hat