Monday, March 4, 2013

Next Stop....Jordan

Absolutely amazing!!  First off it was so much cleaner than Egypt.  You guys would go there and think clean? BUT seriously Egypt is gross!  The vendors were NOT super aggressive; they didn't start talking to you before you came into their store, they did not touch you or put items in your arms for purchase that you had never seen and especially did not want.  
But the best part of Jordan was Petra, a city built entirely of sandstone thousands of years ago.  This was mind blowing, the thought of having to catch rain water for use and the fear of flooding because you live in a canyon.  The intelligence that existed so many years ago and how we have progressed their thinking with science is absolutely amazing.  These are things you are told about growing up, but do not really think about nor understand until you see.  In my personal experience it is impossible to understand until you have seen.  I could go on forever but it’s not going to help because to put something like Petra in words is impossible!  Wow!

 the beginning...and I thought this was cool...
 more impressive
 the Treasury

 Davis in front of the Monastery, at the top of 1,000 stairs (which is why no one else is there)

 donkey going down the 1,000 stairs
 after hiking through Petra, climbing the 1,000 stairs, and this is our feet

Next up is Dubai, and to get to Dubai from Jordan by water you must travel via the Gulf of Aden.
Beware of pirates!!  Luckily, we did not encounter any pirates that I know about :)  Safe travels for us, a relief for my parents I know!