Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christmas in TN 2012

 Christmas in TN...
 While in Asia we bought the kids chopsticks and decided that we would cook a meal together that had to be eaten entirely with chopsticks so that they could use here we are creating our 'Asian' meal
 On the menu...PB&J rolls, mac n cheese rolls, miso soup, and rice krispie rollups

 creating the PB&J rolls

 the roll ups

 playing a little dance central with the Moore clan

 bump it
 bear coat was a hit...
 with the kids and Davis

 We also had time to do a little muddin while in town

 Brandon and Davis flipped the Razor
me, sis, and bro

I love being able to spend the holidays at home!  I love my family more than they know and thank them for being awesome!


Since we missed Halloween and Thanksgiving because of our awesome vacation and we were also going to miss Christmas in Seattle to be with our families, we decided to host the first annual Turkchrisweenukkah (our new holiday)!  The idea was to dress up (Halloween) as something Christmas-y/Thanksgiving-y and serve a variety of foods from all holidays.  This is what happened...

 Christmas colors...toothpick salads
 a little Thanksgiving with yams and pie
 pilgrim and witch elf
 Mr. Claws and Jack in the Box
 evil elves

Merry Happy Turkchrisweenukkah from Mr. and Mrs. Claws