Monday, January 3, 2011

White Christmas

This was the first year since we moved to Seattle that we have gone back to TN for the holidays and it was a great one!! We are so busy every time we go home and the holidays just added to it, but it was sooo worth every minute of lost sleep. I love seeing everyone and the holidays allow us to see more people in a very short time.

Our agenda was as follows:
Wednesday - landed, Dad and Barb picked us up at the airport (thank you) and we had dinner on the way home.....the twins stayed all night with us at Mimi's house

Thursday - Mimi and I took the boys to see Yogi bear
before we left home
all the boys wearing hoodies
the boys eating their popcorn and watching the movie

Thursday night - We had dinner at my Aunt Becky's with dad's side of the family. We then hung out with my high school friends, it was so great to be able to get them together and catch up with all of them!!High School Friends, love em'
Dad and miss priss
memaw and her great granddaughter
sis, me, and bro
me and my boys

Friday - Christmas Eve

We started at Dad's house at 10am, then continued to celebrate at Mom' was an awesome all day event!!

making brownies
lovin on my girl
the boys with the Chief

Where's Uncle Davis?!?

White Christmas Part 2 coming soon.....

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