Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patty's Party

Since St Patty's Day was Wednesday we decided to have a post St Patty party on Friday at the Gupta's. It was all themed....we started with Irish Stew for dinner with Corned Beef, then we had green frosted cupcakes (I think Davis was the cupcake champion of the night by eating 6 cupcakes), he amazes me sometimes! We also had Irish whiskey and of course most everyone wore green. It was a blast as always, Thanks to the Guptas for hosting!

Saturday Freddo, Nisha, and Sushil came over to our place for a movie night in and we watched "The 4th Kind", it is a scary alien movie. It was actually pretty decent!
Jenny, Farah, me, and Nisha
Davis, I love that something was soo funny that we have the same picture of both of him and Freddo with their hands covering their faces
again something hilarious
Emily and Ali
Davis dancing
Nish dancing
Sushil's like 10th attempt to take a picture of us and it still didn't work

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