Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, and more Birthdays!

This weekend was a weekend of birthdays! It was Farah's birthday March 8th, which was also Tosha's birthday (my bestest friend). And Freddo's birthday was yesterday sooooo this past weekend we celebrated both with dinner and bars. We ate at a speakeasy Italian place on Friday which was pretty good, not a favorite of ours but we love trying new places! After dinner we hit the bars or bar because there were way too many of us to travel to bars....I think we had something like 20 people. After 6 arms (or 2 thumbs as I call it) we went to Beth's which is our favorite diner at 2am when the bars close. They have the best hashbrowns and they are endless :) Much deserved after our 1st week of P90X!! Yes, that is correct we finished our 1st week of our extreme workout series. It wasn't all that bad or at least I didn't think so, Davis might have a different story, but he doesn't blog so you will never hear it......BUT I did hear a lot of moaning and groaning over the past week about reaching his arms above his head and having to bend over so I think the workout is doing a number on him.

Saturday we had sushi with Freddo and Lindsay and then played games at Freddo's before hitting up ZigZag, a famous bar in Seattle, with Carolina and Andres. and on Sunday we rested! Much needed day of rest.

Emily and Ali
I love this picture because apparently no one wanted in it!
the most AWESOME people ever!
trying to take a timed picture, not very good
the birthday peeps blowing out the candles
dinner with great friends!

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