Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy Weekend.

So this past week was a normal week. Not much exciting happened. It did snow Wednesday night, but not much (which was a good thing because one snow a season is good enough for me!)

We started moving our things Thursday to our new apartment (which we LOVE). Davis and Perry, our maintenance man, moved all of the furniture except for the bed & mattress. That night we I got off of work Davis & I moved the mattress. We slept on the floor Thursday night in our new apartment. We continued moving stuff on Friday and pretty much had everything moved by Friday night. Friday night I cooked dinner and we had Freddo, our good friend, over to eat. Then we played games and went out for a midnight snack (Gorgonzola fries & pizza)! yum yum!

Saturday was Vivian's birthday party. She was born last year (leap year) on Feb 29 so she is a special one. Her party was great. She loved our gift because she loves balls. We got her the Playskool ball popper machine.

Today we slept in & then went to the old apartment for cleaning. We are completely done with the old apartment! (except for the armoire which we left because we are selling it).

Here are some pictures of Vivian & New Apartment
Our present...I was proud of mine & Davis's drawing (the airplane making the from Cindy & Davis in the sky)


Not really sure what to think...she definitely liked the milk better than the cupcake
she hated the birthday hat
her & her dad opening presents
present from her parents...a soccer ball
me & Viv

Dave's closet...I love our closets
the bathroom
galley kitchen

living space
Beast being lazy
bedroom doors
beginning the move

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tito said...

The apt. looks great but man that sounded like a lot of work for a next-door move. Ugh.