Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Days Continued

5th day:
Davis = Dice Set for Magic: the Gathering
Cindy = Crochet Hook Set

6th day:
Davis = Hat (that I crochet for him)
Cindy = Full Body Massage

7th day:
Davis = Timex Watch
Cindy = Netflix for 1 month

8th day:
Davis = Underwear for Running
Cindy = Ferry Ride to Bainbridge

9th day:
Davis = Brown Belt
Cindy = Recipe Book

I will eventually post a picture of his hat.....I have plenty because he wears it all the time around the house!

Update: Davis had his wisdom teeth removed on Friday....he is doing way better than most people. He definitely did not take advantage of being sick.

Also we got another 5 or so inches of snow last night. yay! I have been so fascinated by all of it! It is the most snow I think I have ever seen although we have not been able to play/sled in it.

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tito said...

¡I think we need a picture of the underwear, too!