Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years with the Sickly

So I am pretty sure I can say that this was the worst New Year's I can remember. Our first New Year's spent in Seattle was spent in bed, by the toilet, or on the couch. About 10pm New Year's Eve night I started feeling bad. Ten minutes before midnight I was sitting in the floor with my head over the toilet vomiting. What a way to bring on a New Year! This continued throughout the night with chills and waking up every hour.

I think I contracted this little stomach bug from Vivian. She started vomiting Monday morning and I kept her on Tuesday. What's the fun in getting sick if you don't pass it on......Needless to say Davis started vomiting at 5pm yesterday. It was a rough day at our apartment! Beast is not a very good caretaker considering he can't open the refrigerator door. We managed to get through yesterday and so far today we feel much better.

On a better are some pictures of our NEW TV and boarding at Snoqualmie

These poles came in the TV packaging & Davis wanted to keep them! (Here they are being used as swords)
a baseball bat
a cane
our new TV

Davis at the top of the mtn
looking down the mtn
Davis putting on the chains
stuck in traffic while the snowplow the roads

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tito said...

Hark! Is that Big Bang Theory I see?