Monday, April 5, 2010

Friends and the Weekend

As always most of our weekend was spent with our friends, Friday night was Mexican night - yum yum! And then we went to the Dubliner, an Irish bar in Fremont that played Reggae music. Odd, I know!

This might have been the reason for the music
Davis matched the DJ
this is what we do bored at bars, invent our own games, yes that is a nickel bounced off the table into the glass on top of a phone on top of another glass
Davis' extremely long straw
me and Nish

Saturday - we watched a movie, The Departed, and played Phase 10 at Freddo's place.
Sunday - we had Easter brunch at George's. Frankie cooked a delicious Frittata and pancakes and we had mimosas, yum! After brunch we were lazy the rest of the afternoon, great day to end a great weekend!

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CourtLabs said...

Your straw-fu is strong! Have you seen "there will be blood"? That's the perfect straw to have when you tell someone "I drink your milkshake!" :-)