Monday, April 5, 2010

All About Belle

March 31st was Belle's 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Belle! Davis made her a cheese birthday cake that she thoroughly enjoyed, but almost choked as she tried to eat the entire thing in one bite. We sang Happy birthday and although she didn't get any presents because she has a million toys she also didn't get brushed - that was her present from me!
2 excited dogs waiting for cheese
her cheese cake
too much in her tiny mouth, so pulling it out and breaking it apart

In other Belle news, dog grooming in the city is soooo expensive so we decided that we would cut Belle ourselves and if it was terrible we would then take her to a groomers and they could fix her. Belle is a yorkie-poo so although she looks just like a yorkie, she has poodle fur and it mats very easily. We have gotten her semi-ok with brushing her but to keep her from matting she needs to be brushed daily which is something we don't do. So, we decided to cut her like a poodle, SHORT. We think she is still adorable, but we are bias.

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