Monday, April 9, 2012

My evening with Viv

Davis:  That's a pinkish purple
Viv: It's just pink
Then she proceeded to grab a purple marker so that Davis would know the difference

Cindy: I don't know as much you do about dinosaurs
Viv: You need to tell your teacher, she will teach you.
Viv: I do know more than you about dinosaurs

Viv excused herself from the dinner table and said "I am going upstairs, Cindy.  Yell if you need me"

After tackling me when I first arrived into the dining room table and us both falling over...she looked at me and said....
"What are we going to do other than hug?"

"I know there was a yesterday, but I don't remember what I did"

She also told us all about her favorite animal (which is extinct), the Dynohyus.

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