Sunday, May 8, 2011

A much needed weekend away from the city...

This past week, Davis and the company had their "corporate retreat" in Woodinville. Their definition of corporate retreat means working from 7am-10pm....which was fine by me as long as I could tag along! I joined Thursday night for Cinco de Mayo dinner and stayed for the duration of the weekend. Woodinville is "wine country" in Washington, it is 40 minutes outside of Seattle. It is a small town tucked in a densely wooded area. We stayed at Willows Lodge, which might be the only place to stay. It is a cute dog friendly lodge that Beast and Belle enjoyed as well ;)

Willows has a few house animals, Borage and Basil are the 2 live in potbellies.


Even though we were in "wine country", I can say I didn't taste a single wine therefore we must go back! I did however have an awesome spa day!

the grounds

the art at the entrance
me & my love
Davis at the spa

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