Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Race Photos

You can now sneak a peek at the race photos and there is a couple things I failed to mention in my last post about the race.

First off, Davis wore his green man suit during the race. The purpose was 2 fold really...1. I could spot him easily and 2. it would be more fun for the runners. What we didn't know was the Canucks (Vancouver's hockey team) has a green guy, view here. Soooo, the runners loved him!! They gave him lots of high fives and asked a lot of questions. To them he was the "real green guy". Since I had a goal of sub 2 hours, I had asked Davis if he would wait for me a mile from the finish line and run that last mile with me to motivate me to sprint. He graciously accepted :) Therefore he ran across the finish line with me and everyone was cheering for him, way to steal the spotlight Green guy. Just kidding, I pretended they were all yelling for me! So notice him in the pictures.

Secondly, there was a man running around the same pace as me the entire race that looked a lot like my dad and I so badly wanted to finish with him so that he would be in my picture BUT he ended up beating me and I was a little disappointed...although great for him because he was an older man! I thought no one would ever get to see him, BUT the professional photographers snapped a photo somewhere along the course that has us both in it so looked for my dad's twin too, he is behind me to the left in 1 of the pictures. Enjoy :)

View photos here!

Event Name - BMO Vancouver Marathon


Davis Benson said...

The link doesn't work!

Dad said...

Well, fix it.