Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a pretty eventful weekend. I failed to mention that the lady that we bought the chairs from/the lady that might be getting me a job had friends over at her house the night we picked up the chairs and their son's name was Tennessee....we thought this was odd because well we are from Tennessee and have never heard anyone with the name Tennessee.

Saturday - This was our biking day. We bike to West Seattle which is along the coast and it is absolutely beautiful. I don't have pictures of the trip this time because Davis had taken my memory card out of my camera, but I promise I will take some next time. The trip was approximately 14 miles which was the furthest we had gone by far. After getting home I made my 1st ever homemade pizza with a homemade wheat crust. It was sooo good. I forgot to take a picture because we were so hungry after the bike ride. Then after dinner we went to Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory and Davis bought me a "Mudslide Apple". It was a granny smith apple covered in caramel, rice krispies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. I did get pictures of this monster. It was delicious and I am in love that we are so close to all these great eateries.

Sunday - Davis made pancakes for breakfast. He is the best pancake maker ever besides my momma of course. Although there is NO Karo corn syrup out here anywhere. Don't fret, I found some online. Which is another thing I forgot to mention I could not find any Stauffer's animal crackers ourt here and I am in love with animal crackers, but I found some online so I ordered me 3 bags last week. I was super excited about it. I will have to order some Karo syrup soon. We were lazy most of the day! I made steaks and sweet potatoes for dinner..yum!

Movies/TV series we watched: One Tree Hill (I am now in season 4), Chuck, The Office, Family Guy, There Will Be Blood, Postal, Leatherheads, Poisidon, Ghost Rider, and Space Jam.

Movies I watched while Davis was gome: Mona Lisa Smile, The Holiday

Davis watched The Incredible Hulk while gone

Tip: Don't waste your time on There Will Be Blood or Postal!

Pictures of the Mudslide Apple:

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J. Tyler Ellis said...

Only if you fail to understand the seriously subtle similarities between the preacher and the oil man, then don't waste your time. However, to anyone that gives a shit about anything*, those similarities should leave you deeply scarred by the end of the movie.

*To clarify. Things that only I think matter are, in most cases, the only ones that do.