Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exciting Times!

This past week was just as eventful as any other. Wednesday Davis left for Sarasota, FL and was gone until Friday. I studied pretty much all day Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I had an interview with a mom about nannying. Well I woke up and fixed me a bowl of cereal and sat down at my computer like every morning. Davis called to say that they had just landed in Texas and told me what time to be at the airport that afternoon to pick him up. As I sat back down at the table I accidentally hit the bikes with my head (as they were hanging above the dining room table). I hit my bike with my head which in turn hit Davis's bike and they both fell! It was a disaster! Not only did both bikes fall, but my laptop was on the table so as they fell they hit the laptop making it fall. This caused my screen to crack! Yes, this is the 2nd time in less than 2 years that my screen has been cracked. My computer is cursed with bad luck. Everything else for the most part was alright. My bike's paint chipped in one spot and our door has tire marks on it from my bike rolling out the door. It scared Beast to death as he was shaking as I left him in a mess and headed out for my interview.

My interview went well. The mom was very nice. They have 4 kids and they were very cute. The only problem is they were looking for someone more premanent. I only wanted a PT job until I was finished studying for the CPA.

I went to the airport and picked up Davis in the afternoon and we had dinner with some friends.

Saturday we went to Jillian's, a sportsbar, to join the Pacific Northwest UT alumni group to watch the very depressing UT v Florida game. It was a good time although we looked terrible. We met some more UT alum (we even met one guy that Davis had played volleyball against).

After the game we came back home and I took a nap while Davis played Rock Band 2! We watched some movies and hit the sack.'s plans: paint the kitchen table and ride bikes.

It is getting chilly here. It just happened in one day last week. It went from 70's to 50's. Rainy season is starting too. I can't wait for everyone to come visit!

I do have picture and will post them soon. I have to put them on my computer. My computer has to be ran through the projector now that the screen is broke and Davis is on the projector most of the time so in due time I will post pictures.

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Adam Chan said...

Oh man, I have not been visiting your blog enough. I need to catch up on these posts I've been missing. I'm glad you guys are posting a lot and I'll read em all soon. I miss you guys a lot! Love, Adam.