Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday = Sunny Day

Today was a beautiful day and so after sleeping in and watching an episode (or two?) of Prison Break Cindy and I headed over to the bike store where we purchased our bikes to get our free first-month tuneup.  I am not sure exactly what happened, but Cindy's bike was done in like 5 minutes and they told me that it would take about an hour for my bike.  

We weren't really sure about how to use our hour of free time without our bikes, but we noticed a park across the street where some teams were playing soccer games.  So we ended up going over there, sitting in the sun, and watching some kids play soccer.  It was really cool just sitting there watching and made me think back to the days when me and all of the guys were that young playing soccer together.  Good times.

After sitting there and watching one half of two different soccer games, the bike shop finally gave us a call and we got to pick up my bike.  Then we rode a couple of miles across downtown to Home Depot where we were trying to think of other options to hang our bikes in our apartment.  As some of you might know, our first attempt to hang our bikes didn't work out so well.  But with the limited space in our apartment it is kind of constraining to find a good place/way to hang them.  But leaning against walls in our apartment, like they are now, is not going to work.  Home Depot wasn't really able to help us out so we left there empty handed and headed back home.

Cindy's cooking vegetable soup right now that we'll have for dinner and then I'm sure we'll watch some more Prison Break.  Man, I love weekends.

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