Friday, September 26, 2008

Commercials Are Soooo 1990s

Hey there. I thought I would actually surprise everyone and update the blog myself instead of letting Cindy do it all of the time. Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates this week; Cindy and I have been busy watching a new TV show. Well...a new TV show to us anyways.

We started watching Prison Break season one on Monday. We ended up getting hooked pretty quick and we pretty much watched the whole season straight through and finished season one last night. I don't really want to calculate how many episodes that means we watched per day, but I know it was a lot. The show is currently airing season four, but at the rate we are going we should be caught up pretty soon. But it is a pretty sweet show, so I recommend anyone looking for another show to watch to rent, buy, or stream the first couple of episodes and try it out.

Other than Prison Break, Cindy has been studying a lot preparing for the next part of her CPA exam next Thursday. We are STILL waiting for results of her other two tests. She calls her mom every night to see if the results have come in. When she called the CPA people to ask when her results would be in, they told her that it could take up until October 15th. At this point October 15th is not too far away so maybe they will be here soon.

I did find out that I will be going to Long Island next week from Wednesday until Friday. And Monday and Tuesday I will actually be going into the office for some meetings and things. So it looks like there will be none of this working from home stuff next week. I have never been to the north east, so I think it will be exciting. And hopefully it won't be too cold there already.

When I fly in on Friday, Sandra will already be here to stay with us for a couple of days so that will be exciting too. October is a big month for Cindy and I since we are having quite a few people come visit us all throughout the month. So we should be keeping pretty active during that time and have some exciting stuff to talk about. So stay tuned...

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