Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Counting Down

Davis actually has to go to the office this week. They have a man leaving in his department so his group had to go to the office yesterday and today for training. He leaves tomorrow for New York. He will be there until Friday.

I take the next part of the CPA exam on Thursday. I am super excited to get it over with because when it is over we are having company. YAY!

It will be the first set of familiar faces we have seen in a while. Mom will be here on Friday and I am so excited to be able to show her the city! She will love it, I know it. I am not sure what all we are going to do, but I will let you know soon.

She will be leaving Monday and 2 days later Tyler & Tot will arrive. This will be great fun considering it is my 2 best friends! We plan on doing a lot in little time! They depart on Sunday/Monday.

Davis's parents arrive on Saturday and are staying for a week. This will be the last of our fall break vacationers. Although only a few more weeks before it is Thanksgiving and Mom, Greg, Mandy, Chris, and the boys will be coming out.

We can't wait to see everyone!

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