Monday, October 6, 2008

a GREAT MOM weekend

So, mom left this morning :( but we had a great time while she was here and we are very glad that she was able to make it! She landed on Friday evening and after picking her up from the airport we went to El Malecon, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We then watched a movie (well I watched a movie while Dave and mom slept through it).

The next morning it was raining so we went to Bellevue Square, which is a really nice mall. It was a good trip. I was able to buy mom 'the' birthday present I was wanting to get her. We also found some great deals on shoes. After the mall, we were exhausted so we ordered in Chinese. It was delicious!

Then on Sunday we walked around downtown and through the market. She was impressed with all of the fresh food in the market. After walking we came back and took a nap. I know what a life we live! After the nap mom and I went for a bike ride....I was impressed that mom could ride a bike (she told me that she could, but I was doubtful)! We rode the waterfront. It is a beautiful bike ride. That night we went to West Seattle and ate at Salty's, an expensive restaurant on the water. It has the best view ever of the city and I was just excited to be able to enjoy the view & especially to be able to show it to mom. The meal was delicious and we had a birthday white chocolate mousse cake afterwards.

This morning after waking up, I took mom to IKEA and the airport.

Thanks mom for visiting! We loved having you! Happy early Birthday!

I will post pictures when I get my computer back from Dell.


The Raymonds said...

Did I mention how jealous I am?!? I love you all...wish I could've been there...just start the countdown until Thanksgiving!

Tito said...

Okay, so I know this is like the most shallow question I could ask; what movie did you watch and was it good?

Anonymous said...

Being with you for the weekend was the best birthday ever!!!!! The food at Salty's was great! Surprising you by riding bikes with you was terrific. Words cannot begin to express my thanks - I guess the tears told the story. Thank you both so much!!! you know I would rather have you here with me, but we will just have to make our visits more often to get me thru this. Oh, by the way, you are going to have a difficult time topping this birthday!!! Love you

Davis Benson said...

Hey Tito! Thanks for reading!

The movie was only "Over Her Dead Body", and no, it wasn't good. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Cindy Smith Benson said...

Davis lied...we also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it was funny! I suggest watching it.