Thursday, October 23, 2008

The long awaited pictures

A little update first though.

I started babysitting a 6 month old girl last week. Her name is Vivian and she is as sweet as she can be. She is a doll. Davis is actually working from the client's office this week as well. A whole new life it seems with us both being gone during the days. I had an interview with Deloitte yesterday for an audit position starting in August. I also have to decided to learn to crochet and my first project is a hat.

Davis and I made zucchini fritters last night for dinner and it was a mess. I am not sure what we did wrong besides not have a skillet, but they still turned out alright. Davis cooked them like he does pancakes and they were edible. I didn't take any pictures although I should have.

I schedule my last part of the CPA exam, hopefully, for 2 weeks from Thursday. I started studying yesterday and should be able to be done in this amount of time considering it is the shortest exam.

Here are some pictures. I should have more after Davis's dad and Tot sends me the ones they took!

The view of the city from Salty's, the restaurant we took mom to for her birthday!
The picture does NOT at all do it justice!
Me and Mom at Salty's
Mom's white chocolate mousse cake
After a day of shopping
1st night..going to eat Mexican
Contour's happy hour...$1.95 cheeseburgers
Tot after eating a petal off a flower
Me and her!
Tyler in his sexy kilt
Five Gallons of Funk...a guy who plays gallons on the street (he is pretty awesome)!
Random poses for everyone that makes this picture great
My 2 bestest
Why Tyler so serious?
Me and Beast in the hammock
Tot at a pizza happy hour
Me and Tyler walking the streets

Another great one!
The space needle at night..this was after seeing the Dark Knight in IMAX
Taking an underground tour
Davis in his awesome kilt


Davis Benson said...

That kilt was more than awesome. It was SUPER awesome!

Adam Chan said...

Super Duper Awesome! I love the pictures!