Monday, October 13, 2008

NO one could ask for better friends

Tot & Tyler visited! They landed Wednesday. The first night they were here we went to 2 Irish pubs after walking out of a fancy restaurant (because we are cheap). We went out a lot (made up for lost time). The next day they rented bikes and we biked all over the city. We probably biked for 20 miles. It was a great day to do so until the end. The last stop on our bike tour was University of Washington and as we were crossing the bridge to campus it started raining. It was sooo cold and we got soaked. It was a great story because we also got separated and had to have Tot and Tyler's bikes back to the shop by 5pm. Luckily, we all made it without wrecking! Although I did have a really close call that would have ended up very badly. I made chili for dinner that night and we watched a movie.

The next day we walked around the shopping district and the waterfront. It was Friday and our goal was to find all good happy hours. I would say we were successful. We found a Mexican place with $3 appetizers, another place with $1.95 provolone cheeseburgers, a place with $5 pizzas and great cheese fries. Don't worry, we did order food at all of the above mentioned places. It was a great night.

Saturday we watched the game. Of course we lost. After the game, Davis had to pick up his parents from the airport so off Tot, Tyler, and I went to another happy hour. We met up with Davis and his parents for dinner. After dinner his parents went to their hotel and we went to another happy hour. By the way, happy hours are great in Seattle because they have 2 a day. We also indulged in a huge brownie dessert! We went back to the apartment and played spades. We tied! Long story, but we tied.

Tyler left on Sunday :( Davis's parents and the rest of us went to an underground tour which was actually quite informative. After the tour we went to dinner and then to a cheesecake shop where Tot and I shared a moccochino and quadruple chocolate cheesecake. It was delicious! and less then 2 blocks from our apartment! I love this city.

This morning Tot left :(

I miss you both already and I am so glad that you both visited!

As said before I will post pictures when I get my computer back which should be this week.


J. Tyler Ellis said...

Cindy, we did not tie in spades. Davis and I won. Out of all the things there are to say on your blog about our visit you have to lie to the audience and tell them that we tied at that game. I am going to kick your ass.

tito said...

Wow! It sounds like all the four of you did was eat, bike, play spades, and eat a lot more. Reading this just reminded of that Spring Break where we had ALL that food leftover and the stomachaches that followed, oh the stomachaches. But it sounded delicious.

And Dave, of course I read your blog. It is the closest thing I have to randomly visiting your room to watch Lost DVDs while you play WoW.

Adam Chan said...

Awww, I miss you guys. Sounds like Tyler and Tot had a good visit. :)